Finally after 11 days straight of working I have a holiday followed by a weekend that I am refusing to go in to work during. So, what better time than now to update you all on the happenings in my world. As you probably guessed at work things have been a little crazy. Good crazy, Read More →

Wow, All in one day. So much news today. This is exciting stuff, along with all the G8 stuff. Too bad some whack-a-do’s had to try and mess it all up w/ bombs and all that.

For those of you who aren’t aware of this, there is a great free, constantly updated, online Encyclopedia called The Wikipedia, based on some really cool Wiki software. Anyway, the deal is, anyone can update this stuff, and it goes into a list of recently updated stuff, and it is read by moderators to make Read More →

I’m away from the computer right now, because I’m on my way to see BATMAN BEGINS at an IMAX THEATER….for FREE. Thats right BITCHES….eat my poop, cuz I’m awsome. All thatnks to Alec.

The in-laws are leaving right now, should be just getting in the air, and I thought I would update you on the awesomeness that was our time with them. We ate a ton of great places while they were here. I’ll give you a short list of the highlights. Pizza Luce’s – great pizza place Read More →

Well, there is a cat that I can let out of the bag now, that I’m pretty happy to finally talk about. My Dad is getting sorta promoted. He is moving to a new church, a bigger church, where he will be an associate pastor at the O’fallon First United Methodist Church. He is going Read More →

I’m about to leave work, and I’m high as a kite. They freaking lacqured (sp?) something in another room and it has been stinking the place up for an hour and a half. I hope I’m ok to drive. Besides that, this article is an extremely interesting read about young people (20 somethings) entering the Read More →

Things are indeed looking up today. I’ve grilled dinner for the last two days in a row…if I could go to the first part of the Kill Bill party at my house it would be three…but alas, I’m forced to eat rabbit food because of Liz’s vegetarian persuasion on our Minneapolis group….or more appropriately because Read More →

So, not only did I have a fairly productive weekend…and I bought a pie for a belated b-day present for my brother, I also just purchased the last box set of the Generation 1 Transformers, which completes my video collection. If you order it from Deep Discount DVD you can get it for 31.something shipped….which Read More →

Today, I was supposed to have 2 tests…and not one in the morning and one at night, it was two tests, right in a row (one at 9 am and one at 10 am) both in 151 Everitt. Both tests were ECE….the first was ece 342 and the second was ece 362 (which counts as Read More →

So, my awesomeness has been validated by more then just my fiance…that is always good. Also, my mind bullet ability is now confirmed….beware my power….beware. I figure that maybe if I can get the mind bullet powers a little more refined I could be a one man wrecking machine on the team searching for Bin Read More →

Well, here it is….T-minus 2 hours to the comedic movie of the retardation (at least for the moment) and we are preparing in true male fashion. I just ate my fill of good red meat, and fries….and I’m currently drinking a beer. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is playing on the DVD machine, and Read More →

Well, I just finished a test, and I think it went well. I didn’t study my transistors very well before this class and it only had two problems on it and one was a transistor problem. If you don’t know anything about MOS (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) transistors, they can be in three regions of operation: cut-off, linear/triode, Read More →