Sometimes I read through my old blog posts, especially around the beginning of the year because I like to recap the last year in my head. Today, I found myself reading them and wondering “What’s the point?” Not the point of blogging, I fully understand that it is nothing more than a cathartic expression of Read More →

Squashing IE bugs, is like trying to kill termintes by steping on them… get rid of one, and like 8 million more pop up. The best is….I fixed something in IE, and it broke the Firefox layout, then I fixed something in Firefox, and it broke like 10 things in IE. I can’t wait for Read More →

Did you ever wonder if this is really as good as it gets. Did you ever feel like you should be feeling something but you don’t know what to feel. Have you ever bounced between being very apathetic and hypersensitive. Have you ever got tired of the people around you for no apparent reason. Or Read More →

The chunky soup is no longer on sale. Why God, Why!!!?!?!?!?! Why must you give me a wonderful sale on chunky soup when I couldn’t afford to take full advantage of it, just to take it away when I could….WHY!?!?!?!!!!!!!! Also, Linux sucks. Thats right, I’m a computer geek, and I said it. Do you Read More →

Well, I’m home…..home sucks. I have no friends here, that sux. Mom and Dad like to tell me things about the wedding, and sometimes they annoy me about it. Also, I’m tired of getting dumped on about wedding stuff in general. It isn’t like I don’t want to do things for this wedding. In fact, Read More →

So I was looking for some stuff about leaving people who are hurting you in the Bible. I know that it is proven to be therapeutic to leave someone when they are abusive, and to make sure to cut off contact with that person, so as to avoid further abuse. One thing I did like Read More →

If I were an animal I would be a monkey, because then I could fling poo and not get in trouble for it. And I would have a tail that acted almost like another hand….how cool would that be. I wish I had a tail now…I would be a better solderer if I had a Read More →

So why is it that when it rains it pours? Haven’t I had enough? Isn’t school enough by itself at the end of the semester that I shouldn’t have all these other problems? Why is that a sick family can’t see past themselves to get help? Why is denial such a powerful inhibitor of regular Read More →

Well, it’s December, and along with that comes advent, Christmas present shopping, and outreach missions to the poor. And all I can think about now is how much I don’t care about all that stuff. I kinda like giving presents to people, I sort of enjoy helping poor people, but all things given, I could Read More →

So, the conference is over. It was pretty kick ass. There were some things that I really liked. There were some things that were good, but I didn’t like them. I think it made me hate school even more. School is bugging the piss out of me lately. I can’t get a good grade to Read More →

I was walking through the Union today and heard some people mumbling some scientific jargon and I cringed. I didn’t cringe because I thought “Nerds”, or “that is way over my head”, I cringed because I understood what they were talking about, and it isn’t in my major. The even worse thing is that I’m Read More →

Well, as many of you know, monkeys are funny, but more importantly I thought my Dad might die on Tuesday, which isn’t funny. So this has caused me to think a good deal about how much it would suck to loose my Dad. It’s been hard, but I’ve been trying to think more about how Read More →

Well, I had a great night last night at the leadership meeting for church. It was so great that I felt good all night, and woke up feeling better then I have felt for a long time. I walked to class feeling super high on life, and I was still feeling good all through class. Read More →