So we use kubuntu at work to build some of our linux-based software at my new job – which is kinda awesome cuz I love working with *nix-based environments (unix, linux, bsd, mac OSX, etc) for a lot of really nerdy reasons. This is also cool because I use the big brother of the kubuntu Read More →

On Friday my MythTV server (my DVR software running on my server) had major audio and video artifacts and skipping during Dollhouse. This isn’t the first time this has happened and is particularly annoying since the TV upstairs rarely, if ever, has issues with Fox. Well, this was the last straw for me. I know Read More →

You may have heard some of these questions (some from me) or thought of them yourself: Why does only the iPhone have visual voicemail? If I can make calls for free using skype from one computer to another why can’t my phone automatically know if I’m calling a computer and switch to that when wifi Read More →

This is a quick test post to verify that my LJ sync’ing tool works when I generate my wordpress post from my iphone. If this works it will be pretty sweet, and I’ll be contributing back to an open source project. Double-win for me. \n

To most people computers are about accomplishing a task. Getting from A to B as simply as they can, so to speak. Almost no one reading this really cares much about what file format you are saving that word document in as long as the person you are sending it to can read it. Likewise, Read More →

This is a CD filled with some high quality free software. I can speak for the windows one in saying I use almost half of those programs on a daily basis, and have about 2/3 of them installed on all of my windows machines, and most of the cross-platform ones I have installed on Read More →

Now that MythTV works (but alas, it still doesn’t output to my TV, and the HDTV signal is choppy as hell on the P3 1GHz machine), I am thinking beyond it to move my home to the next level. For a while now I’ve talked about home automation, integrated with the computer network, available from Read More →

Over at Tom’s Guide Daily they are doing an article on switching to Ubuntu. Link to article While this is nothing new these days, I was particularly enjoying it even in the first page because of this paragraph. Have you ever been some place you really didn’t want to be? I mean, have you ever Read More →

New Antenna is completely built, and working. I had to buy nothing, I had everything in the house that I needed to complete the design from the lumen labs forums that I linked to earlier. The Pentium 3, 1GHz even with the GeForce 6200 isn’t exactly down with decoding the HDTV stream and displaying it Read More →

I received the Kworld 115 Tuner on Tuesday. I tried to use this guide on mythTV’s wiki, but that alone didn’t give me everything I needed. Instead, if you follow my path and buy this card and run ubuntu, start here and follow the first 4 steps (ignore the modprobe step) for the ATI HDTV Read More →

I’ve been rambling a lot lately about MythTV, which is an open source project that aims for something akin to Microsoft’s Media Center application for Windows XP (MCE edition) and for Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate. But it is a lot more than that, with an amazingly flexible client / server architecture. So, I’ve Read More →

Yes, that is right ladies and gentleman, after many years of Intel bashing, and hating them because they are the microsoft of the hardware world, I am going to jump camps unless AMD pulls something amazing out of their ass. I need to timeline a little just to help explain how much I hated intel. Read More →