Life is Good

State of the In-Laws Address

The in-laws are leaving right now, should be just getting in the air, and I thought I would update you on the awesomeness that was our time with them.

We ate a ton of great places while they were here. I’ll give you a short list of the highlights.

  • Pizza Luce’s – great pizza place at the end of the block, perfect for a pre-small group dinner
  • Famous Daves – we introduced them to this place….they are hooked….but the question is; how you could you not get hooked, famous Daves is freaking awesome.
  • Town Hall Brewery – we got the beer sampler….which was excellent, I’m thinking some day I’m going to get a growler of sctoch ale and bring it to poker night. The In-laws liked the beer pretty well, and thought the food was good.
  • Manny’s Steakhouse – OMGWTF BBQ, BEST STEAK EVARRRRRRR (and I don’t want any comments from you Chang…I don’t care about Texas, this shit was awesome). This is one of those “you can only go here if you have Laywer in-laws” kinds of places. I’m sure the bill topped $250 for the four of us. But the steak tasted like it wasn’t seasoned hardly at all, but more like the flavor of the cut was just so good it didn’t need to be seasoned. There is a shit-ton of leftovers from that in our fridge right now…and it is GLORIOUS!
  • In general there are a ton of left-overs, so feel free to come to my house and eat my food…there is a lot of it, and it will go bad by the end of the week.

    Well, the wife went out with her parents to the University and got sweatshirts, and her parents really liked that, cuz now all of their childeren will be in or done w/ college. So it was exciting for everyone. Lauren also went clothes shopping with her Mom, and got a lot of nice clothes. Which I think look cool on her.

    Saturday we went to the Walker contemporary art museum, and walked around the sculpture garden. That was nice, but after a bit I can get really tired of contemporary / modern art, so we didn’t stay more than an hour or two there.

    Sunday, was church, followed by spagehtti and the introduction to MVC class. The in-laws liked that. I fell asleep, cuz I’ve heard all the like 800 times now. I should have just worked on the Website project I’ve been picking away at. Maybe I would have got some creative inspiration….cuz right now I’ve been feeling lacking on how to style the side-bar. After church stuff we went back to the appartment, talked about them switching churches (I pushed hard for a Vineyard the rest of this day…and I hope they end up at some charsimatic church….they said there is an AG chruch not far from their house).
    Then nap time set in before I could start that uncomfortable conversation I was looking to start…damn you pasta.
    Then we started watching the incredibles and made reservations for Manny’s. Ate like pigs at Manny’s, and loved it. Made it home around 10.

    When we got home, I said to them I had a wonderful time with them this week, which was true. This is the best time we have spent with our in-laws since getting married, and in my opinion it was the best time we’ve had with them since I’ve been around. But then I told them that right now we weren’t comfortable with the idea of them buying property here, because that will start to break the distance boundry we have right now. And I said that I have brought up issues in the past, and that our relationship won’t get better until they can bring them up, because if they can’t bring them up than I didn’t feel they were ready to deal with them. And if the issues weren’t delt with, that distance boundry was necessary.

    So, they decided we could talk now, and talk we did. For something like two and a half hours.

    There was crying, appologizing, more crying, discussion of the merits of theophositc counseling. I pushed the theophotics sorta hard, but I really think it is the best approach at helping Lauren’s Mom, and I doubt it would hurt her Dad.

    So, after two hours, and Lauren hearing her mother say an exact phrase that she always wanted to hear, and never thought she would, we decided it was time to call it a night and work seperately on the foundation we had built.

    I really hope they go somewhere where people will work with them on some of the things we talked about, because we just can’t. The inappropriateness of praying over your parents or in-laws in a theophotic style just seemed to be more than obvious during our talks…so it is in their court to pursue some deeper healing.

    Well, I have to say, I wasn’t looking forward to them visiting at first, but now I’m am very happy that they did, and very greatful for the work God has started in bringing healing to Lauren’s relationships with her parents. I loved being a part of that, and I hope that God weighs heavy on their hearts to continue to persue this hard, but rewarding path.

    And I totally had like Super-Saijin faith points going on after they left last night. I told Lauren I was about to turn my hair yellow, and start glowing. (OH YEAH!!!…well we have a power level of like 2 million, and we can go SUPER-SAIJIN)

    That is all.