Someday I’ll put a little more here, but for now here is the short bullet-point version of my life:

  • Grew up in central Illinois (lived in 6 different towns through the end of college), spent a lot of time with farmers.
  • Pastors kid – both parents were pastors. Two younger brothers, and various pets over the years.
  • Played football and wrestled in high school all four years – played on a summer league soccer team one year.
  • Attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and received a degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science in 2004.
  • Spent a semester in Orange County (California) interning for Kimberly-Clark. I met my lovely wife while I was there and we started dating.
  • We both moved back to Illinois to finish up school and we dated for 2 another years.
  • Graduated college, and got married two weeks later.
  • Moved to Minneapolis MN in 2004 to help start a church, and have been here ever since – enjoying the seasons and lakes of Minnesota and the rich arts, outdoors, and technology cultures of the Twin Cities.
  • In 2010 we added a half white, half black-and-tan German Sheppard to the family and named Kara (after Kara Thrace from Battlestar Galactica – yes we are those kinds of geeks).
  • In 2011 I completed a 2-year program in my church’s denomination focusing on theological study and leadership development.
  • My current big interests are in developing new Android applications in my spare time, helping people along their faith journeys, and raising awareness of or doing something to help with the occasional social-justice-type cause (such getting women out of prostitution and human trafficking with organizations like Breaking Free).

For further description of my professional and educational highlights check out my resume:

Ben Catlin – Resume 2011

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