Sofware Projects

Occasionally I work on software projects. It started as a hobby, but now I’ve had an opportunity to do a little work with a local startup as well. This is a collection of links to specific info on those projects.

  • ModbusDroid:
    My first project! A Modbus scanner/monitor for android phones. This is based on the Modbus4j library written by Serotonin Software for their open source Mango software.
    This is open sourced on launchpad if you want to give me some feedback or hack and add in features, go for it!
  • whooznear:
    Alec and I worked on this together for a local startup. It is a proximity networking application – designed to help you meet people around you. We figure it could be pretty great in business situations for networking, or in social situations like at the bar for meeting people you are interested in getting to know.

One thought on “Sofware Projects

  1. Ben, I am working on a project where your modbus base with a GUI like would be helpful. Is that anything you would be interstd in working on?

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