Welcome Oliver Ezra Catlin

1 Week ago today – 11/4 – we welcomed into the world the newest member of our family. Oliver Ezra Catlin was born at 7:06 in the morning.

He is a pretty chill little guy after a week. He seems very curious when he is awake, and has the best cheeks – very squeezable.

Oliver, Pearl, and Dad
Oliver, Pearl, and Dad

We couldn’t be happier to have him here, and look forward to seeing what kind of boy and man he grows into.

Happy Fouth – A general update

Finally after 11 days straight of working I have a holiday followed by a weekend that I am refusing to go in to work during.

So, what better time than now to update you all on the happenings in my world.

As you probably guessed at work things have been a little crazy. Good crazy, where we are growing. We have four systems being built currently. Last year I saw at most two at one time being worked on, and we have some neat developments going on in the solar industry which I’m excited about. And I’m sort of leading a development project to re-design how we think about our control systems to make them more flexible and ready to handle customer requests. The solar and new development stuff is super exciting, but our normal buisness is booming so much that I barely have time to work on those. I’m a little sad about that because after I’ve rested in the evenings or in the mornings I find that my mind has been cooking up some really great general ideas about how to make things more flexible, robust, and hopefully stable, but I never seem to be able to let those ideas gestate enough to get them all the way thought through. Fortunately I have been able to outsource some stuff to a really great company that I, and the other EE’s in the building, work really well with.

As for technical / Internet stuff that interests me: I can’t decide if I like facebook or not, but I have my wordpress blog (where these posts originate from) which automatically cross-posts to my LJ, and now my facebook notes automatically sync w/ LJ (except the comments, haven’t figured that out yet). So if for some reason you’ve grown tired of LJ, first let me say feel free to friend me as I do occasionally drop in there and you can read my blog there, and second allow me to make a suggestion that using LJ is still possible by originating posts here and having facebook notes suck them up as an RSS thinger. That way I can see your posts no matter which place I happen to log into (I log into both much less frequently than I used to due to busyness).

Other than facebook my new recent obsession has been Twitter. I couldn’t figure twitter out at first, but I saw that all the hip kids were doing it, and not wanting to feel old or left behind I decided to check it out. Let me tell you, it is addictive. Addictive in the way that status messages on AIM/GChat/etc are addictive, only better. The principal idea is that you post an away message like ‘tweet’ or micro-blog. In which, you have 140 characters to say what you want, and you can post as often as you want. And, you can put an ‘@username’ in the front of your ‘tweet’ and it tacks an ‘in reply to username’ at the bottom and turns the stuff behind the @ symbol into a link to that persons page. So, what you end up with is a friends-page-esq display with yours and everyone you are “following” in chronological order. So it looks a lot like what your status messages look like on an IM client only with a history to it so you can follow peoples funny responses, or general moods.

So, check it out, add me if you want. My username is BigCat2k.

July 11th we are getting iPhones for both of us. I worked out the budget to wiggle the data plan costs into it by getting rid of CrapCast and their crazy $65/mo fee for internet. Instead I ordered the Minneapolis City-wide Wireless. It is $30/mo.for 3Mbps, and it goes to $35 if you want 6Mbps. (But you have to verify that you can get a good connection to their access points before they will sell you the 6Mbps). But if you pay for a year at a time it goes down to around $18/mo.

Lauren went to Brazil at the end of May and returned after three weeks. She had a great time, and I got to catch up a little on some work. The only downside was that she got sick (I think salmonella) right after she got back, and then I got it a few days later. We are having a Brazil themed party next weekend on Saturday, and you are invited! Let us know if you want to come.

I finally got 1-star in all the Mario Kart circuits, thus unlocking the last of everything. I have to say, the only thing I am a little disappointed by is how quickly the online players dropped off. It is hard to get a good game right now with random people. One thing I am really pumped about is watching the top time trial people do their races. I learn a lot of tricks and pick up some good lines from them. I would have to say that going back and re-playing my earlier time trials shows a marked improvement in my skill level vs. those players ghosts. I usually can easily beat my old times which I fought to first achieve.

Other than that we are completely recovered from the break-in. We have steel doors with steel frames now on the front and back doors. We have the alarm system installed. My new copy of transformers (the cartoon) movie will show up tomorrow or early next week, and that is the last DVD that will show up from the re-ordering of DVDs.

Church is going well, we may end up leading a small group this fall, which will be fun. It is really great to work with some older people again. I loved Mercy Vineyard, but sometimes I felt like we were moving blind with inexperience, and a few times I really wished someone older was around to ask advice. I’ve found Jon and Sue are great to talk to in this way, and a few of the older leadership has 30+ years of doing ministry, so I love to sit and listen to them talk.

We did a small group 101 class for the 40 days of community campaign we did at church, and people liked it. I borrowed a lot from Jim Egli, Nicky Gumble (sp? The international Alpha director), and Caleb Simpson, and then threw a little bit of Lauren and my experience. People liked it, which is good, but I particularly liked how well Lauren and I were able to work together. That is something that hasn’t always been easy for us, but this experience was very different, and I found that very encouraging and refreshing.

We saw WALL-E and a Best Buy exclusive preview of Hancock. WALL-E was phenomenal like almost every Pixar movie. Go see it, it is worth it. Hancock I really liked. It wasn’t amazing, but it was pretty good. Very funny, especially in the building, and it took an interesting direction that I didn’t expect. I like movies that take turns that keep me guessing, and this was a different angle than you would ever expect from a super-hero type movie. So in general I would call this an anti-stereotype superhero movie, so it is worth it if you are a fan of that type of thing. But I wouldn’t call it an amazing movie from an artistic perspective, but it is well acted and generally moves very well.

Wow, what an update. But that pretty much catches up on a month or so of general updates on life.

Wikipedia Fun

For those of you who aren’t aware of this, there is a great free, constantly updated, online Encyclopedia called The Wikipedia, based on some really cool Wiki software.

Anyway, the deal is, anyone can update this stuff, and it goes into a list of recently updated stuff, and it is read by moderators to make sure it is OK, and it can be re-edited by someone else if the information is incorrect. This essentially is susposed to be a set of checks and balances, that allows for the most information that is as accurate and up to date as possible. Also, they have bibliographies at the end, and there are lots of hyperlinks to other wiki pages in case they are using terms and phrases that are going over your head.

If you aren’t believing me, look up the name “Pentium M” and know that when I was impressed to see information on there that I didn’t already know. (I’m currently selling a lot of Pentium M stuff….so feel free to ask questions if ur buying a new laptop soon).

Right now I’m reading up on basic Economics because I want to learn more about it, and I thought a refresher would be good…especially since I’ve had very little formal economic instruction, and then I was covering the differences and similarites between traditional supply side economics and Keynesian economics. Very facinating stuff.

Also, I learned a lot about AJAX there when I was trying to add gmail-like spell checking to my blog, and it has been a helpful resource in other programming endevors.

WordPress also has a codex based on the same wiki software, that is excellent, and well updated.

In general, if you don’t know about the wikipedia, or wiki software, take a few minutes reading a little about it, because it is good stuff, and good to know about.


I’m away from the computer right now, because I’m on my way to see BATMAN BEGINS at an IMAX THEATER….for FREE.

Thats right BITCHES….eat my poop, cuz I’m awsome.

All thatnks to Alec.

State of the In-Laws Address

The in-laws are leaving right now, should be just getting in the air, and I thought I would update you on the awesomeness that was our time with them.

We ate a ton of great places while they were here. I’ll give you a short list of the highlights.

  • Pizza Luce’s – great pizza place at the end of the block, perfect for a pre-small group dinner
  • Famous Daves – we introduced them to this place….they are hooked….but the question is; how you could you not get hooked, famous Daves is freaking awesome.
  • Town Hall Brewery – we got the beer sampler….which was excellent, I’m thinking some day I’m going to get a growler of sctoch ale and bring it to poker night. The In-laws liked the beer pretty well, and thought the food was good.
  • Manny’s Steakhouse – OMGWTF BBQ, BEST STEAK EVARRRRRRR (and I don’t want any comments from you Chang…I don’t care about Texas, this shit was awesome). This is one of those “you can only go here if you have Laywer in-laws” kinds of places. I’m sure the bill topped $250 for the four of us. But the steak tasted like it wasn’t seasoned hardly at all, but more like the flavor of the cut was just so good it didn’t need to be seasoned. There is a shit-ton of leftovers from that in our fridge right now…and it is GLORIOUS!
  • In general there are a ton of left-overs, so feel free to come to my house and eat my food…there is a lot of it, and it will go bad by the end of the week.

    Well, the wife went out with her parents to the University and got sweatshirts, and her parents really liked that, cuz now all of their childeren will be in or done w/ college. So it was exciting for everyone. Lauren also went clothes shopping with her Mom, and got a lot of nice clothes. Which I think look cool on her.

    Saturday we went to the Walker contemporary art museum, and walked around the sculpture garden. That was nice, but after a bit I can get really tired of contemporary / modern art, so we didn’t stay more than an hour or two there.

    Sunday, was church, followed by spagehtti and the introduction to MVC class. The in-laws liked that. I fell asleep, cuz I’ve heard all the like 800 times now. I should have just worked on the Website project I’ve been picking away at. Maybe I would have got some creative inspiration….cuz right now I’ve been feeling lacking on how to style the side-bar. After church stuff we went back to the appartment, talked about them switching churches (I pushed hard for a Vineyard the rest of this day…and I hope they end up at some charsimatic church….they said there is an AG chruch not far from their house).
    Then nap time set in before I could start that uncomfortable conversation I was looking to start…damn you pasta.
    Then we started watching the incredibles and made reservations for Manny’s. Ate like pigs at Manny’s, and loved it. Made it home around 10.

    When we got home, I said to them I had a wonderful time with them this week, which was true. This is the best time we have spent with our in-laws since getting married, and in my opinion it was the best time we’ve had with them since I’ve been around. But then I told them that right now we weren’t comfortable with the idea of them buying property here, because that will start to break the distance boundry we have right now. And I said that I have brought up issues in the past, and that our relationship won’t get better until they can bring them up, because if they can’t bring them up than I didn’t feel they were ready to deal with them. And if the issues weren’t delt with, that distance boundry was necessary.

    So, they decided we could talk now, and talk we did. For something like two and a half hours.

    There was crying, appologizing, more crying, discussion of the merits of theophositc counseling. I pushed the theophotics sorta hard, but I really think it is the best approach at helping Lauren’s Mom, and I doubt it would hurt her Dad.

    So, after two hours, and Lauren hearing her mother say an exact phrase that she always wanted to hear, and never thought she would, we decided it was time to call it a night and work seperately on the foundation we had built.

    I really hope they go somewhere where people will work with them on some of the things we talked about, because we just can’t. The inappropriateness of praying over your parents or in-laws in a theophotic style just seemed to be more than obvious during our talks…so it is in their court to pursue some deeper healing.

    Well, I have to say, I wasn’t looking forward to them visiting at first, but now I’m am very happy that they did, and very greatful for the work God has started in bringing healing to Lauren’s relationships with her parents. I loved being a part of that, and I hope that God weighs heavy on their hearts to continue to persue this hard, but rewarding path.

    And I totally had like Super-Saijin faith points going on after they left last night. I told Lauren I was about to turn my hair yellow, and start glowing. (OH YEAH!!!…well we have a power level of like 2 million, and we can go SUPER-SAIJIN)

    That is all.

Massive Updates and Announcements

Well, there is a cat that I can let out of the bag now, that I’m pretty happy to finally talk about.

My Dad is getting sorta promoted. He is moving to a new church, a bigger church, where he will be an associate pastor at the O’fallon First United Methodist Church. He is going to make about the same money, and the house is a little smaller….so it beggs the question; why would I call this a promotion.

Simple, his job description. He is now a pastor who is in charge of getting a group of 25 to 40 year olds together, and he is susposed to eventually spin that group off into a daughter church. A daughter church that they already own property to build on, and it is just outside of the IL suburbs of St. Louis, which is a rapidly growing area.

They are moving sometine in late June or early July, and Aaron is getting married in August, so it will be a super busy summer for the Catlins…..again.

Wacom, maker of the cool pen tablet thing I own that I draw in photoshop with (I just installed photoshop cs2, and it looks bad ass BTW) just released a really cool bluetooth based version of the 6 x 8 inch graphire series tablet. That is so sweet. I’m not getting one, but it is cool that it exists, and it not rediculously more expensive than the wired version.

PHP is super cool, HTML is pretty cool, but only when coupled w/ CSS. If this is greek to you, than I would love to help you. I’m working on some super cool (to me anyway) stuff with web design right now, and I’d really love to teach people some basics if they are interested. I’ve heard a few people say things to that effect from time to time, and I was thinking there are probably some frontpage or dreamweaver users out there who would like to know a little more about what those programs are doing under the hood. Let me know and I will figure out some way to spend some time w/ you so you can figure out how to make neat webpages. And before you get freaked out or scared away by the idea of actually writing code, let me say coding HTML and CSS is way easier than you think.

Also, I’ve been listening to more Piper in the mornings, and I’ve decided I still don’t like his preaching style, but the way he loves God, and experiences God love is amazing. And I’m jealous of it…..is it OK to be jealous of something like that. I mean it is really something I want to work for, and I want to live a life only for God, and to experience Gods love, and help others experience that, so I guess I don’t want something just because he has it….it is more like I’m sold on his idea, and want to learn how to get what he is selling I suspose.

I suspose that when he hits one of my major theological nerves I’ll probably not like his stuff as well, but right now, listening to him talk about worship, makes me want to worship differently so I can feel what he describes that he feels. I think that is probably good. Espeically since I’ve felt outwardly worthless in my spiritual life lately. I sometimes think those are the best time to retreat inward for a while….and get recharged, and learn more about God.

I think that is about it…If I remember something else I’ll post about it.

Good Read…and I’m High

I’m about to leave work, and I’m high as a kite.

They freaking lacqured (sp?) something in another room and it has been stinking the place up for an hour and a half. I hope I’m ok to drive.

Besides that, this article is an extremely interesting read about young people (20 somethings) entering the workforce by getting involved in start-ups and being bought out. Very interesting, and not overly technical. Check it out if you get the chance.

Well, I’m on my way home….hope I don’t hit anything.


Looking Up

Things are indeed looking up today. I’ve grilled dinner for the last two days in a row…if I could go to the first part of the Kill Bill party at my house it would be three…but alas, I’m forced to eat rabbit food because of Liz’s vegetarian persuasion on our Minneapolis group….or more appropriately because Lauren doesn’t want to cook two separate things and I’m the only one adverse to the absence of meat in my dinner….maybe I’ll eat before I go, hmm…I will have to think on this thought later.

Anyway, back on topic, grilling is good, and I’ve been doing it a lot lately…and that is good. Secondly, I took two tests this week, I’m not terribly pleased with the outcome of either one, but I don’t think I bombed either…I might not hit average on either one, but I don’t think I failed them either. That is good.

This morning the electrician came and fixed the outlets that died….this is good, because it means the beer fridge is working and the beer will be cold in plenty of time for porch sitting this afternoon, which I will talk more about later. It turns out that the outlet that caused the problem is the GFI (Grounded Faulting Interrupt) outlet that I installed over a year ago, apparently I flipped in the Lead (hot coming from the fuse box) and the Load (wires going to other outlets on the circuit) which is funny, because I just followed the flow that was there before, but whatever, it’s fixed now.

I don’t have to cook tonight, Lauren got some stuff for a vegetable casserole, which looks pretty good but not as good as the steak I bought the other day (and planned on cooking tonight because I forgot about the team meeting where we eat together), so I don’t have to make food for ten people. Which is awesome, cuz I don’t know what I would have cooked.

I have beer!

I got to watch Kill Bill Volume 1 on Wednesday, so I am ready for the movie even though I can’t watch it tonight with everyone else.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 tonight…..rock on. And I am going to that. Jeff, if the meeting goes past 9:20 I’m leaving anyway, just a heads up.

Today is beautiful. Could it be any nicer outside. It’s almost perfect. Not to hot, not to cold, a slight breeze to keep you cool when your in the sun, but not so much that you have to fight against it to get anywhere.

Girls seem to not care about their absence of clothing around these times…while a part of me would like to say that I particularly enjoy this fact, the other part of me is about to explode from the sexual tension in my life. So I’m about to go crazy, and then I feel bad if I even remotely enjoy the scenery around me. I swear, sometimes it sucks to be a Christian. And I still have 126 days for this crappy feeling to build. It feels almost like an embolism in my brain is about to burst open, and there is no way to release the pressure on the damned thing for that long, so it just keeps building and building, and it sucks. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

But at least it is nice outside, so I can go for a walk, or skate, or sit on my porch..or whatever, to try to relax and calm down….maybe I really need a cold shower in my house instead of walking around outside.

Well, plans for this frustratingly beautiful day include going home after work, borrowing someones guitar, going outside and trying to learn a little, drinking a beer, and when I get bored with trying to play the guitar, I’ll bring my laptop out and listen to MP3’s, and perhaps cook some meat so I’m not forced into eating strictly vegetarian stuff this evening…make it like a two course dinner…one at home, one at Jeff and Q’s.

So life is looking up now….it’s always better when the sun is shining and it isn’t cold outside. Except for the sexual frustration, but that is my own business, and that creates no hard feelings between me and the sun, it’s not his fault.

Transformers…Collection Complete!

So, not only did I have a fairly productive weekend…and I bought a pie for a belated b-day present for my brother, I also just purchased the last box set of the Generation 1 Transformers, which completes my video collection. If you order it from Deep Discount DVD you can get it for 31.something shipped….which is 5 dollars cheaper then at best buy. How sweet is that.

In other news, Lauren and I went to our first team small group with the church planting team. It was really excellent. We both felt really comfortable there, the group is really great, it was like we just fit in right away…except we felt slightly out of the loop because they have had 3 or 4 meetings already…but we’ll catch up. Lauren and I are supposed to answer some questions that Jeff gave us, so we can catch up with the rest of the group, but I can’t remember the questions now….I think one of them was “What do we need from the team in the next six months?”, but I don’t remember the others. Someone who remembers (Jeff, Q, Caleb…..etc) if you could leave a comment with those questions that would be really great. Also, at this meeting, the group prayed for Lauren and me, and I got some really great words from Jeff and a really great image from Caleb. The image Caleb gave me was that my anger (I get pretty damned angry sometimes) is like a blow torch, and the flame coming out of it is red, and God turned the blow torch to face the other way and the flame turned blue…so instead of a burning anger, that energy will go from fueling anger to fueling passion for my ministry. So whenever I have been getting angry about something I just close my eyes and see a blow torch slowly turning from left to the right, and as it goes the flame becomes blue….that has been very calming and a good reminder that bitterness sucks. I thought that how good I felt at the team meeting was a small affirmation that I’m doing the right thing by going to Minneapolis.

The last thing I thought was worth mentioning is that I called Ralph (Lauren’s Dad) last night and sorta gave him an earful. Mom and Dad have been telling me to hold my tongue till after the wedding, because then they can’t do anything about it…because I’m already a relation. But I felt very strongly that there was some manipulation going on, coming from Lauren’s Mom, so I decided it was time to be a little vocal about it. I ended up talking to him for over an hour, and basically said that if they are going to impose limits on the money they said they wanted to give us, then it should have been specified before they gave us a dollar amount. Basically we felt like they were giving us a gift, and using that gift we were supposed to be planning a wedding, and they felt like they were paying for a wedding and giving us what was left over as a gift. So they figured we would be paying for Amanda’s bridesmaid dress, and a dress for her mother, and some things like that…but we figured that she could pay for her own dress, just like the rest of the bridesmaids, and just like how my brothers and Dirk are paying for theirs. But I talked to him for about an hour…and diplomatically slipped in that I was concerned because things have a tendency to get violent at their house, and I pointed out the Amanda can vouch for some of Laurens stories of violence…so he can’t claim she was making things up, also I pointed out some things that I wasn’t happy about the way Laurie communicates with Lauren, like how Lauren told her not to schedule her to be in California for more then ten days, but ended up being there for two weeks. It turned out well…as well as a lawyer can talk to a manipulative engineer anyway, so hopefully some issues will not only be heard..and not ignored, but will be dealt with. They are sending us a budget of everything they could possibly conceive of us paying for out of the money they were going to give us, and then we are going to talk it over and see what is reasonable and what is not. All things considered that isn’t too bad…and I didn’t feel like I was totally immersed in settlement talk with a laywer…but it sorta felt like something close I think. All in all, this shouldn’t be too bad, and hopefully he will talk to Laurie about some stuff, so she can communicate better with Lauren…because right now every time they talk to eachother Lauren makes Laurie mad by trying to create some boundaries…and by honestly telling her that she is not OK with the way things are going….and then Lauren gets off the phone and feels bad because she doesn’t have a good relationship with her Mom….so I help where I can….maybe some things will be helped now…but I’m not holding my breath on that part.

I hate money shit….and family termoil….just too much overhead with getting married I think….maybe Lauren was right and we should have eloped, and then had a party later…if we did that, I would be having sex sooner…that would be nice….well…I should stop talking before I get in trouble.

So, that was most of my major weekend stuff…except I had a really good talk with Bob last night…I like Bob…he is a really cool guy. And, with that, I’m off to see a professor about a project.

Friggin’ Awesome!!!!!

Today, I was supposed to have 2 tests…and not one in the morning and one at night, it was two tests, right in a row (one at 9 am and one at 10 am) both in 151 Everitt. Both tests were ECE….the first was ece 342 and the second was ece 362 (which counts as credit for my major and minor….God bless cross listed classes….except when you get a crappy professor because of it). Well, I didn’t study well for either test, but I really neglected the second test (362) because the 342 material looked harder, and the 362 test looked to cover mostly material I have already learned in ece 290 (this is because a CS professor, and a bad one at that, is teaching a class with mostly ECE people in it). Well, I took the first test and I think it went OK, nothing amazing, I’m pretty sure I answered about half the questions right, and I think I did pretty well on a couple others, but I’m not so sure about those. But I was freaking out for the second test. I hadn’t even had time to make a cheat sheet (which is a sheet of notes that you are commonly allowed to take into engineering tests) but I figured I could fly this one blind, pass it, and study hard for the second test and hopefully do well on it to make up for this one. I’m sitting there trying to do some last minute cramming between tests, the bell rings, I put my book away. The TA’s, who were there to proctor the exam since the professor was out of town, stand up and say “we don’t have the tests, we’re waiting on Professor Frank to bring them.”

My heart instantly leaped for joy. Could it be that for once in my life the ECE God’s smiled on me and my lack of preparation. I decided not to get my hopes up, because sometimes with Engineering profs they walk in a few minutes late and start handing out tests. But five minutes go by, and still no Prof. Frank, one of the TA’s leaves to call him. Eight minutes go by, the TA comes back, puts his hands in the air, shrugs, and sits down. I almost taste the sweet smell of victory. Then I start chatting with the guy next to me. I tell him I had just got out of a test and it would be awesome if this one got canceled. He agreed, but he said he thought he was ready for it now, so he didn’t care when he took it. I have expressed similar sentiments in other situations, but today if the professor showed up with the tests I could be up shit creek without a paddle. I figured after 10 minutes that they couldn’t give us the test because we were supposed to have 50 minutes to complete the test, but I knew that they could kill one of the problems and still give it out. After fifteen minutes into the class the TA stands up again. He quiets everyone down and says that it wouldn’t be fair to give the test today, and that because the professor is out of town it would not likely be Wednesday since we needed to know a couple days in advance when it would be, and since class is canceled Friday due to Engineering Open House, it would probably be next week. How cool is that….that is sooooooo awesome. I’m totally pumped. After 4 years here, I finally won once. This makes it ECE 150000, Ben 2 (I won an award once sophomore year, so that was one), but at least I’m up one more then I was before. Never has fate aligned to help me out quite like this before, so I can’t be happier….now I just need some sleep.

So, my morning is going well, how bout yours? Not often I can say anything pleasant about the mornings….so this is cool.

This weekend I did some cool stuff, later this week I might write a little about that, but this post is primarily to point out how cool this morning was.
Anyway, I need to head to my next class….have a great day people…I know I already am.


So, my awesomeness has been validated by more then just my fiance…that is always good. Also, my mind bullet ability is now confirmed….beware my power….beware.

I figure that maybe if I can get the mind bullet powers a little more refined I could be a one man wrecking machine on the team searching for Bin Laden.

Anyway, in summary….
Awesome, and mind bullets.

Modern Male: Loyalty

Well, here it is….T-minus 2 hours to the comedic movie of the retardation (at least for the moment) and we are preparing in true male fashion. I just ate my fill of good red meat, and fries….and I’m currently drinking a beer. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is playing on the DVD machine, and now I will add my part to Rob, Seth and my series on the modern male, and dilemmas he is faced with in our society. Specifically I will be dealing with “Bros before Hos?” (I don’t particularly like the term “Hos” but it is the common phrase to describe what we’re talking about….but I will avoid the term for the rest of the entry) So, follow the link and read on for my long stupid rant, but I warn you, it is long, and silly.
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