Friday I said goodbye to Trane and tomorrow I start a new gig at Exosite. Trane is a wonderful company to work for on so many levels. Amazing work-life balance, great benefits, good products in a stable market. But for a while I’ve been balancing some future-facing project work I initiated, with a sense that Read More →

Wow, it has been a long time since I blogged. I don’t have anything right not terribly compelling to post about philosophy or technical stuff, but I figured at the very least it might be nice to post about what I’ve been up to the last couple years. Work I switched jobs in 2012 to Read More →

Well, I went an entire year without writing a post. But believe you me, I made up some great ones in my head. The year has been an interesting one. Challenging in a great many ways, particularly at home. But really great and exciting in some other ways, particularly at work. I did work some Read More →

One of the major players in the world of industrial control automation is Rockwell Automation. They make a vast array of products (or private-label from other companies to fill in their gaps), which include but are not limited to: Industrial servo controller/drives, variable frequency drives, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers – think hardened PCs that are Read More →

Cheated on the fast yesterday by eating a small fried dessert dumpling from a chinese place. And almost threw it right back up. # It turns out that soy milk doesn't suck, contrary to my original assumption. # Steve Robbins is constantly pushing me more towards a liberal theological position by being trite with his Read More →

VLI week from hell is done. 2 tests and a sermon complete. Sermon didn't suck as much as I thought it would, which is a plus. # 15 minutes is just not enough time to flesh-out 10+ versus of 2nd Timothy. Artificial limitations are hampering my ability to be awesome. 🙁 # Exciting free-agency first Read More →

One of my new local music heroes @heatherlynmusic check her out – awesome and maybe coming to your town! # At the MN without poverty event at Luther seminary. Loving the artists and the cause. # Battle of the odors, the rotten fish smell we can't get out of the fridge vs. leftover curry. Read More →

Still on the phone w/ service guys in Germany – it is around midnight there now. This has been an insane walk-thru with these guys. # I'm often impressed by how good the video quality is over low bandwith for google's video chat. XMPP+Jingle-Video FTW! # I hate when you learn so much about an Read More →

It is not saying anything new to point out that the iPhone changed the way we thought about and interacted with smart-phones. In the years following the Android phones brought us a vision of what a cloud-centric phone OS on many vendors hardware could provide if it was well supported. And the Palm webOS phones Read More →

This is a really fun defense of the paper letter snail-mailed to people # Ever think back about what u have done or said & say to urself 'that was really immature.' Yeah, I'm in a church-planting lecture right now. # Why can't media players and phones have a standard for syncing media – Read More →

Opened a bottle of 2006 Avery's Czar Imperial Stout only to find it had bottle-shock and had a bite and a nasty finish. 🙁 # Not sure yet how I feel about the new offensive and defensive coordinator decisions for da bears. Both x-head-coaches… # My dog has decided tonight that she is terribly afraid Read More →

I'm also still waiting for wireless sync – kindle has that on them for books, but it is silly to not have bluetooth or wireless sync by now. # Seriously lame that they don't seem to have any multi-tasking on this thing – really need for that in the iPhoneOS 4.0 or I'm goin android. Read More →