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Goodbye Trane, Hello Exosite

Friday I said goodbye to Trane and tomorrow I start a new gig at Exosite.

Trane is a wonderful company to work for on so many levels. Amazing work-life balance, great benefits, good products in a stable market.

But for a while I’ve been balancing some future-facing project work I initiated, with a sense that I wasn’t going to ever be able to push things as fast as I wanted inside of our engineering organization, or our product group. Also, I’d been wondering for a while if I was selling myself short being disconnected from the end-user, like you can get inside an engineering group internal to a big company.

Exosite on the other hand, is a smaller, startup-ish company in a similar segment as Trane (maybe even overlapping in some senses), with a relatively flat org structure. It is growing, and looking to decide how things are going to work as it gets bigger.

Exosite, makes an IoT (Internet of Things) cloud platform that serves other businesses. This is a way for other companies to get an “online” place for their connected devices to dial up to – all without having to develop their own expertise in setting up servers and building online platforms/backends.

I’ll be helping the “professional services” group – which is the team that works with the customer get their devices on the platform. It should be a fun and interesting stretch for me – and I will be interfacing with the customer early and often. There are a ton of cultural things that line up better with my personal bent than anywhere else I’ve worked. This will hopefully help me push myself into a growth period since I won’t be arguing for things that seem so basic to me.

The rest is still to be seen, and I’m hoping for great things in this next chapter of my career with Exosite.

And as the previous chapter closes, I’m also so thankful for all the talented, dedicated, and thoughtful people at Trane. They helped me develop and grow in what a mature and effective software development team looks like in a well-respected, stable but growing, blue-chip mechanical equipment company.