Well, I’m watching LOTR:FOTR special edition, and it is cool as hell with all the added scenes. School sux as usual at this time of year. My house is cold, and I think it is because thie windows suck and leak cold air like a sieve. The door to the basement sucks a lot too, Read More →

So our water main broke, and flooded my room. That is correct….it sucks….and to make it worse, it took like all of last week to get some one here to fix it. So like last week, they shampoed my carpet, so I could finally move into my room, and then it floods. Now the carpet Read More →

Well I went to the Illini game today in St. Louis and it was a little less then dissapointing, but on the upside I can report that my house is starting to shape up into the pad I wanted it to be. They repainted it, my carpets got shampoed, and the cable and internet are Read More →

I found this today as one of the links google provided me when I searched for my name…check it out…very interesting, and I took this without permission so don’t sue me or I’ll counter sue for using my name. ^_^ Two more Explorers were constructed, but both crashed during flight testing. The first came down Read More →

Well, I wonder sometimes if anyone even reads my webpage….but I figure those who do are my friends in some respect, or at least aquaitances or some sort. At any rate you’ve met me. And me, is precisely what I want to talk about on my little personal microphone to the rest of the world Read More →

Well, I’m here in Fullerton still, and it is 3 weeks to the day that I’m leaving, and I have almost nothing done. The only thing I have finalized is that Ben is comming in about a week, and staying for a week, and then going back. That is cool though, cuz at least Ben Read More →

So after being here for like 6 months I FINALLY make it to Vans skate park in the Block at Orange. (a big outdoor mall, for those of you not from Southern California) I didn’t skate at all, seeing as how I haven’t picked mine up for like 6 months I thought I would ease Read More →

My Mom and Dad are here this weekend, so the party is on. Fortunately they are going to meet my new girlfriend lauren who is home from Yosemite this weekend. Plus comming up next week, Tice is gonna be here next week and that will be cool. But the downside to all this, my page Read More →