Life Sucks

Today wouldn’t have sucked…..

Well, I had a great night last night at the leadership meeting for church. It was so great that I felt good all night, and woke up feeling better then I have felt for a long time. I walked to class feeling super high on life, and I was still feeling good all through class. Then…it happened…..the average for the test was on the board…it said 49.6, and I knew that the test had been handed out before I got there (I was ten minutes late). So after class I went and picked up the test….and my grade was 21, that is right…..21. Well that good feeling sorta went out the window then. Now, I have to say, that I still feel pretty awesome when considering how I feel most days, but it is not nearly as cool as it was earlier in the day. Oh well, life in general is good though. In a lot of ways things couldn’t really be better, but the test thing is a little bothersome.

Oh well, I need to work on homework…so….Later