1 Timothy 4:1-16

Q: What situations or responsibilities are you facing right now that seem big or overwhelming to you? What can you learn from Paul’s advice to Timothy in this passage?

A: Often just graduating seems overwhelming. Right now with my classes and everything I’ve been doing at the church it can be overwhelming to try to get my school work done while trying to lead a small group. It is all pretty daunting, the only up side that I really like in this passage is the part that says Timothy should move in the holy spirit and not worry about people calling him young and inexperienced. The other day my Dad said something about not being a bunch of 20 year olds project, and I was pretty offended. I’m at an age where I know that I’m not as wise as a lot of people, and I don’t know as much as a lot of people. But I do know that I’m not completely devoid of knowledge and wisdom and it is pretty annoying to have someone completely count me out because I’m 22 and he would be embarrassed to have God show him something from someone so much younger then him. But anyway enough of my whining, I’m done now, and I’m excited that LJ is actually checking my feeds more often now, so it won’t look so stupid on your friends pages. Alright….now I’m really done.