Titus 1:1-16

So I have been way busy lately, so I haven’t posted many of my devotions, but this is the last week, so I’m going to try to do better this week.

Q: Whom do you know right now that others might consider too far from God to consider the gospel? Take time right now to pray for that person. What can you do this week to demonstrate God’s love to them in a practical way?

A: Well I don’t know a lot of people who I won’t talk to. I’m not a big fan of really really dirty people, but that is usually because they smell bad, not because I’m not willing to talk to them. But usually I will talk to almost anyone. I don’t think there is anyone I’ve ever considered too far from God to accept the gospel. So, with that I’m done with the first day of the last week of my posting answers to the devotion questions on my blog, but stay tuned, I think I’ll post my thoughts on doing these devotions at the end of all this.