Life Sucks

Still Hate School

So, the conference is over. It was pretty kick ass. There were some things that I really liked. There were some things that were good, but I didn’t like them. I think it made me hate school even more.

School is bugging the piss out of me lately. I can’t get a good grade to save my life, and I hope they let me graduate.

I’m here are Robs now. We played some Soul Calibur 2, that was cool. We played some Mario Kart: Double Dash, that was pretty cool too. The computer is even cheaper then it was in the other one. I get shot like ten times all at once, then five computer players go zooming by.

DW is here….still acting as ghey as ever. We don’t like him, but he doesn’t suck at video games, so we keep him around to have another challenging person to play. DW’s stupid drunk friends at the stupid Anime convention keep calling and harassing us…that was funny for like two calls….it isn’t anymore, we had to turn off the phones because we got tired of it.

To clarify, DW, still silly and retarded. Still whining about pipeline effiecency of the P4, like we haven’t heard that same sad song from every AMD PR person for the last 2 years….they soooooooo need to get over that. No one wants to hear it, we all know what Daniel is about to say….we might as well put a record on. Round and round and round the AMD people go, watch them spin the same story over and over. Stop telling us how your company is so awesome…..because we will figure it out on our own.

Alright enough bashing on the DWChang-a-lang-a-ding-dong-hootchi-momma-ho-bag. This all about sums up the situation right now.

Thank you, and Goodnight.