Life Sucks

If I were an animal

If I were an animal I would be a monkey, because then I could fling poo and not get in trouble for it. And I would have a tail that acted almost like another hand….how cool would that be. I wish I had a tail now…I would be a better solderer if I had a tail….like Jim says, “The worlds best solderer has three hands” and I would!

So if anyone was wondering I was sorta bummed yesterday for a lot of reasons, but a big one was that my good family friend Barb Bennett from Thawville died unexpectedly yesterday. I don’t know from what yet because I haven’t heard the results of the autopsy. My parents don’t want me to go to the funeral (where my brothers and I are susposed to be pual-bearers) because I have lab then and they don’t want me to miss it. But whatever, this will work out somehow.

Anyway, if I wasn’t a monkey I would be a mountain goat…because they climb mountains and have long fur….and look funny. That or a lemur, which is another kind of monkey, but hey, they are funny looking monkeys.