Life is Good

Happy New Year, for ME!!!!!

So, I checked my grades….they are up for you U of I students who are wondering….and I got……wait for it, wait for it…..a 2.177

Which means I’m not getting kicked out of school…it even says “You have returned to good academic standing.” So I’m totally stoked.

For my close friends and roommates I will list the breakdown and tell you what I think of some of the grades because there were a few surprises.
ECE 340 – D
ECE 386 – C+
MatSe 200 – D+ (The biggest surprise)
B&TW 261 – A

The big surprise is the MatSe grade. I was almost sure I was going to fail this class so I figure I must have done really well on the final to get the D+. The other big surprise is the D in ECE 340. I totally got a quality C on the final in that class and I got a C-/D+ on the first exam, and I only did really poor on the second exam, so I don’t know where I was in the final distribution, but the D, not even a D+ or C-, is what I thought was a little low. Oh well, I passed that, and I only have 5 classes left, 4 of them ECE, and one is ancient philosophy (PHIL 203 I believe) which will knock out my last gen ed / free elective hours.

So the new year is looking up for me already…good times a comming…gonna graduate on time, and it is all good.

I hope you are all enjoying your new years celebration time, and I hope no one drank too much. Have a good day, and enjoy break.