Life is Good

Chunky Soup

I like Chunky Soup.

And Chunky Soup is on sale for a dollar a can at Shnucks, which is a good thing. For some reason, I seemed to think that Chunky Soup had to be made on the stove. This may have originated from the fact that when I first started buying Chunky Soup and Chef Boyardee when I didn’t own a microwave or have one available to me. So, today, I was in a hurry for class (I have a whole other story about class today, but that will have to wait) so I wanted to not have to cook the Chunky Soup on the stove. Low and Behold, the can had microwave instructions….so my favorite soup became even mo’e bettar. I was ecstatic. So I went on to class after eating my wonderful Chunky Soup. I left for class about quarter after 12. This class starts at 12:30. I walk into class at 12:25 thinking it is good to be early, and everyone is sitting down and the professor is lecturing. So I look over the guy’s shoulder in front of me, once I sit down, and see on the syllabus (that is already passed out) that the class starts at 11:30, I walked into that class a full hour late……and it is the first day. What a precedent. This is typical of me. The good news is that I actually bought a couple books, which puts me that many book ahead of the game. Last semester I didn’t buy any books until after of the first week of class. In fact, I ordered a book a full week into class, so this is a good thing. Anyway, one day of class down…the easy day, only three more to go this week.

On a different note, Scott may be coming down this weekend from the land of Dekalb. This is one of my oldest and best friends and I haven’t seen him in a long time. And he is also one of the best comic book style artist that I know personally, and he is going to redraw my picture for my website, and for my avatars on webboards and blogs. So look for that soon. Until then,

Thank you, and Goodnight.