Life is Good

Fuck Yeah! Optimus Prime

That is right ladies and gentleman, I have in my possession the “MasterPiece Optimus Prime: 20th Anniversary Edition” and it is the most bad-ass thing ever. I had to make the title as vulgar as I did because there is no better way to describe how cool this toy is (and because I needed to borrow a name from the review of X2 at Aint it Cool news). I don’t think I’ve ever touched another toy that is this cool. Man, this takes you back, this what the original toy should have been. I love this thing and all it’s articulated goodness. And even better is that Lauren is getting it for me….well, I went and picked it up, but Lauren is paying for it as my Valentines present. I want to say that there are things in this that make is SOOOOOOOOO awesome. Like the little button that makes the matrix light up inside optimuses chest.

This is a 6 year old moment twenty years in the making. I want people to understand that this is like an Elvis freak finding out that he is alive, it is like having your childhood hero on TV adopting you as his own son. It is like the best material thing I can have. My life is looking good right now, I’m getting married, a large ticket kind of thing that I don’t have to pay for at all, I have a great fianc?’ who doesn’t necessarily understand why I like things, but understands that they are important to me, and I am off probation at school and taking classes that don’t suck quite as bad as last semester. Also, I have lots of cool friends right now, some of which are going to introduce me to wine that I possibly won’t hate, and one of which bought the only other toy at walmart.

Let me thank Aaron Carlin who told me that although this toy isn’t supposed to be released in the United States until March 5th it was available at Walmart today and that there were a few of them on the shelf. This is so so so so so cool. I might have to ask to borrow someones digital camera so I can put up pictures of this bad boy. I’m so pumped that I have this toy in my possession.

Well, I have carried on long enough now, so I will say if you want to see the toy, come on by the house, and until then

Thank you, and Goodnight.