Life is Good

SuperBowl Party

OK, so the low down is that we are having a SuperBowl part at “the house” (comes equipped with “the brain cell”®) but we couldn’t officially announce it as a 703 replacement party since we will be drinking some beer. This is not a get drunk kind of thing, but my roommates and I do enjoy a good beer while watching football, and we will be doing just that on this occasion. So anyone who wants to come, come on by sometime before the SuperBowl starts (it is listed for kickoff at 5pm Central time) and if you want to bring anything to share, that is cool, but I will be buying some bags of chips and some non-alcoholic stuff to share so you don’t have to. But since we are poor college students and beer is more expensive then pop (thats right, I’m from central Illinois not southern, so I call it “pop”) it will be BYOB for anyone over the legal drinking age who wishes to partake in said activities.

“The House” is located at 804 W. Springfield in URBANA (don’t bother the guy in Champaign he is getting tired of getting our cable, pizza, mail, and guests), it is an off-white house with a couch, car bench, and a grill on the porch. Park on the street a block east of the house, or on busey (the next crossroad east of the house) where there is more parking, because my parking lot is already crowded. There is also a lot that is free parking on campus about two blocks west of the house, if you have a hard time finding parking on the street or you don’t like parallel parking. So, prepare for the fun activities, and invite whoever you want, we’ll make the people fit if it starts getting crowded, and during half time you may (I make no promises) see a fat man dance of some sort from either Rob or I….but again, I make no promises.