Life is Good

Ramblings for the day.

Well, I just finished a test, and I think it went well. I didn’t study my transistors very well before this class and it only had two problems on it and one was a transistor problem. If you don’t know anything about MOS (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) transistors, they can be in three regions of operation: cut-off, linear/triode, and saturation. I couldn’t figure out what this transistor was because I didn’t study the cases how it gets into which state enough so I took a guess, and made a couple assumptions I had seen on some old homeworks and test, and when the dust settled the values I calculated all made sense with the mode of operation I guessed it was in… I hope that means I got the problem right…cuz that would be cool. I think it would mark the very first time I ever actually took a guess of that magnitude on a test in this department and got it right.

So, in other news, sometime soon here I’m going to post some of my personal pros and cons for valentines day, but that is a whole entire post of it’s own, so it has to wait since this is just random stuff.

I was looking at MovableType’swebsite, which is the script I use to generate my blog since I’m not a conformist like all you silly fools and don’t acutally use LiveJournal for my blog, and I decided to check out the forums to see if there are any late breaking developments on when MovableType 3.0 is going to come out. (I’m waiting for that because it promises to add some new and exciting features to make my life easier) While I was looking through some tips and tricks stuff I came across this post which is started by Tech TV’s (you can only watch it around here if you have digital cable) Cat Schwartz which I thought was cool since a whole lot of the Tech TV crew uses MovableType, and I have been to all their websites at one time or another just for kicks and this was a random linking to her site. Kinda reminds you that the information age just keeps making the world smaller and smaller. Also, I thought her layout was pretty cool, and using the iFrame feature (the blog entry inside a box in the page) was a cool way to make an opening page. I might go with something like this when I finally design an entire site. (this is something that I couldn’t do if I used LJ to do my blog, so >P )

On other notes we’re going to a dinner theater in Monticello tonight with Sara Delaporte, her fiance (Paul, I think), Dirk, and Valerie. That should be cool. And tomorrow night I’m cooking steak (probably something really good like a porterhouse or ribye) for Lauren and I.

Finally, I would like to commend Dirk for making up for his already mentioned lack of devotion to the Crystal Chronicles commitment, he has since put in approximately 4 hours over a couple days and we are progressing nicely. There are only two things keeping us from flying through this game even faster. One is that we are trying to make sure everyone has good weapons, which means revisiting dungeons and getting more iron, bronze, and weapons plans…I just count this as an unavoidable side effect of playing with multiple people, and the desire for each character not to suck. The other thing holding us back is the squirrel boy. After a ravenous desire to play the game on the night that Dirk was absent, he has strangely disappeared. Now, many jokes have been made at his expense about how he hardly lives with us anymore since he spends a large amount of time at his girlfriends (a.k.a. the Squirrel-friend) place, but this is unacceptable. As I mentioned before, this game takes commitment. If you aren’t willing to put the time in, why did you get the gameboy in the first place…I mean, he did buy Final Fantasy Tactics advance for it, but that pales in comparison that is the hilarity of four people trying to coordinate spell attacks together, and randomly being bastards and grabbing treasures out from under each other. So, this is a formal tongue lashing for the squirrel boy. Fortunately for him, we are making sure to collect extra stuff to give him once he decides to come home for five minutes so we can tell him that we played two or three levels without him. Specifically I have plans for bronze armor, bronze belt (which only his character can use) and we are going to collect a weapon plan for him soon too, but still, he has no moogle pockets, no earth pendants which can only be obtained by beating a level, and these are the things that will leave him behind before too long. Tsk, Tsk, squirrel boy, stop foraging for nuts and come home so we can play some serious four player action.

Well, with that formal squirrel abuse, I must retire to my next class.

So, until later I will just say,
Thanks for reading.