Life is Good

Friggin’ Awesome!!!!!

Today, I was supposed to have 2 tests…and not one in the morning and one at night, it was two tests, right in a row (one at 9 am and one at 10 am) both in 151 Everitt. Both tests were ECE….the first was ece 342 and the second was ece 362 (which counts as credit for my major and minor….God bless cross listed classes….except when you get a crappy professor because of it). Well, I didn’t study well for either test, but I really neglected the second test (362) because the 342 material looked harder, and the 362 test looked to cover mostly material I have already learned in ece 290 (this is because a CS professor, and a bad one at that, is teaching a class with mostly ECE people in it). Well, I took the first test and I think it went OK, nothing amazing, I’m pretty sure I answered about half the questions right, and I think I did pretty well on a couple others, but I’m not so sure about those. But I was freaking out for the second test. I hadn’t even had time to make a cheat sheet (which is a sheet of notes that you are commonly allowed to take into engineering tests) but I figured I could fly this one blind, pass it, and study hard for the second test and hopefully do well on it to make up for this one. I’m sitting there trying to do some last minute cramming between tests, the bell rings, I put my book away. The TA’s, who were there to proctor the exam since the professor was out of town, stand up and say “we don’t have the tests, we’re waiting on Professor Frank to bring them.”

My heart instantly leaped for joy. Could it be that for once in my life the ECE God’s smiled on me and my lack of preparation. I decided not to get my hopes up, because sometimes with Engineering profs they walk in a few minutes late and start handing out tests. But five minutes go by, and still no Prof. Frank, one of the TA’s leaves to call him. Eight minutes go by, the TA comes back, puts his hands in the air, shrugs, and sits down. I almost taste the sweet smell of victory. Then I start chatting with the guy next to me. I tell him I had just got out of a test and it would be awesome if this one got canceled. He agreed, but he said he thought he was ready for it now, so he didn’t care when he took it. I have expressed similar sentiments in other situations, but today if the professor showed up with the tests I could be up shit creek without a paddle. I figured after 10 minutes that they couldn’t give us the test because we were supposed to have 50 minutes to complete the test, but I knew that they could kill one of the problems and still give it out. After fifteen minutes into the class the TA stands up again. He quiets everyone down and says that it wouldn’t be fair to give the test today, and that because the professor is out of town it would not likely be Wednesday since we needed to know a couple days in advance when it would be, and since class is canceled Friday due to Engineering Open House, it would probably be next week. How cool is that….that is sooooooo awesome. I’m totally pumped. After 4 years here, I finally won once. This makes it ECE 150000, Ben 2 (I won an award once sophomore year, so that was one), but at least I’m up one more then I was before. Never has fate aligned to help me out quite like this before, so I can’t be happier….now I just need some sleep.

So, my morning is going well, how bout yours? Not often I can say anything pleasant about the mornings….so this is cool.

This weekend I did some cool stuff, later this week I might write a little about that, but this post is primarily to point out how cool this morning was.
Anyway, I need to head to my next class….have a great day people…I know I already am.