Life is Good

Looking Up

Things are indeed looking up today. I’ve grilled dinner for the last two days in a row…if I could go to the first part of the Kill Bill party at my house it would be three…but alas, I’m forced to eat rabbit food because of Liz’s vegetarian persuasion on our Minneapolis group….or more appropriately because Lauren doesn’t want to cook two separate things and I’m the only one adverse to the absence of meat in my dinner….maybe I’ll eat before I go, hmm…I will have to think on this thought later.

Anyway, back on topic, grilling is good, and I’ve been doing it a lot lately…and that is good. Secondly, I took two tests this week, I’m not terribly pleased with the outcome of either one, but I don’t think I bombed either…I might not hit average on either one, but I don’t think I failed them either. That is good.

This morning the electrician came and fixed the outlets that died….this is good, because it means the beer fridge is working and the beer will be cold in plenty of time for porch sitting this afternoon, which I will talk more about later. It turns out that the outlet that caused the problem is the GFI (Grounded Faulting Interrupt) outlet that I installed over a year ago, apparently I flipped in the Lead (hot coming from the fuse box) and the Load (wires going to other outlets on the circuit) which is funny, because I just followed the flow that was there before, but whatever, it’s fixed now.

I don’t have to cook tonight, Lauren got some stuff for a vegetable casserole, which looks pretty good but not as good as the steak I bought the other day (and planned on cooking tonight because I forgot about the team meeting where we eat together), so I don’t have to make food for ten people. Which is awesome, cuz I don’t know what I would have cooked.

I have beer!

I got to watch Kill Bill Volume 1 on Wednesday, so I am ready for the movie even though I can’t watch it tonight with everyone else.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 tonight…..rock on. And I am going to that. Jeff, if the meeting goes past 9:20 I’m leaving anyway, just a heads up.

Today is beautiful. Could it be any nicer outside. It’s almost perfect. Not to hot, not to cold, a slight breeze to keep you cool when your in the sun, but not so much that you have to fight against it to get anywhere.

Girls seem to not care about their absence of clothing around these times…while a part of me would like to say that I particularly enjoy this fact, the other part of me is about to explode from the sexual tension in my life. So I’m about to go crazy, and then I feel bad if I even remotely enjoy the scenery around me. I swear, sometimes it sucks to be a Christian. And I still have 126 days for this crappy feeling to build. It feels almost like an embolism in my brain is about to burst open, and there is no way to release the pressure on the damned thing for that long, so it just keeps building and building, and it sucks. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

But at least it is nice outside, so I can go for a walk, or skate, or sit on my porch..or whatever, to try to relax and calm down….maybe I really need a cold shower in my house instead of walking around outside.

Well, plans for this frustratingly beautiful day include going home after work, borrowing someones guitar, going outside and trying to learn a little, drinking a beer, and when I get bored with trying to play the guitar, I’ll bring my laptop out and listen to MP3’s, and perhaps cook some meat so I’m not forced into eating strictly vegetarian stuff this evening…make it like a two course dinner…one at home, one at Jeff and Q’s.

So life is looking up now….it’s always better when the sun is shining and it isn’t cold outside. Except for the sexual frustration, but that is my own business, and that creates no hard feelings between me and the sun, it’s not his fault.