Life is Good

Massive Updates and Announcements

Well, there is a cat that I can let out of the bag now, that I’m pretty happy to finally talk about.

My Dad is getting sorta promoted. He is moving to a new church, a bigger church, where he will be an associate pastor at the O’fallon First United Methodist Church. He is going to make about the same money, and the house is a little smaller….so it beggs the question; why would I call this a promotion.

Simple, his job description. He is now a pastor who is in charge of getting a group of 25 to 40 year olds together, and he is susposed to eventually spin that group off into a daughter church. A daughter church that they already own property to build on, and it is just outside of the IL suburbs of St. Louis, which is a rapidly growing area.

They are moving sometine in late June or early July, and Aaron is getting married in August, so it will be a super busy summer for the Catlins…..again.

Wacom, maker of the cool pen tablet thing I own that I draw in photoshop with (I just installed photoshop cs2, and it looks bad ass BTW) just released a really cool bluetooth based version of the 6 x 8 inch graphire series tablet. That is so sweet. I’m not getting one, but it is cool that it exists, and it not rediculously more expensive than the wired version.

PHP is super cool, HTML is pretty cool, but only when coupled w/ CSS. If this is greek to you, than I would love to help you. I’m working on some super cool (to me anyway) stuff with web design right now, and I’d really love to teach people some basics if they are interested. I’ve heard a few people say things to that effect from time to time, and I was thinking there are probably some frontpage or dreamweaver users out there who would like to know a little more about what those programs are doing under the hood. Let me know and I will figure out some way to spend some time w/ you so you can figure out how to make neat webpages. And before you get freaked out or scared away by the idea of actually writing code, let me say coding HTML and CSS is way easier than you think.

Also, I’ve been listening to more Piper in the mornings, and I’ve decided I still don’t like his preaching style, but the way he loves God, and experiences God love is amazing. And I’m jealous of it… it OK to be jealous of something like that. I mean it is really something I want to work for, and I want to live a life only for God, and to experience Gods love, and help others experience that, so I guess I don’t want something just because he has it….it is more like I’m sold on his idea, and want to learn how to get what he is selling I suspose.

I suspose that when he hits one of my major theological nerves I’ll probably not like his stuff as well, but right now, listening to him talk about worship, makes me want to worship differently so I can feel what he describes that he feels. I think that is probably good. Espeically since I’ve felt outwardly worthless in my spiritual life lately. I sometimes think those are the best time to retreat inward for a while….and get recharged, and learn more about God.

I think that is about it…If I remember something else I’ll post about it.