Adventures in Hot Chocolate Give-aways

Tonight as our first monthly outreach we went to the light-rail station on Lake St. and gave away hot chocolate.

Mostly it was a great time. We had some nice conversations, a lot of compliments and generally good things.

But I also had one encounter that quite possibly takes the cake as my weirdest servant-evangelism story ever.

A guy came up, took the hot chocolate, and then asked us for change to get on the bus. I gave him the 25 cents I had in my pocket which is literally how much I had on me. (I leave cash at home on these adventures so I don’t have to lie about my lack of money when the inevitable homeless person thinks that because I’m giving away something I have money to give away) So he made some random noises / mumbling while I poured another cup to get ready for more people to come by, and then he throws the change on the ground. Then he proceeds to call us liars, and shortly follows that up with asking us if we want a cigarette or weed. After that he says he doesn’t trust us, and I apologize for that. He started milling around and asked if we drink beer, to which I promptly replied “yes.” He asked if we wanted some beer, and I said “not now.” Then he said we were shady, and next time we asked someone if they wanted a cup and they said “no” he said “See, they don’t trust you.”

Eventually he stormed out mumbling something about what bad people we are and how can’t be trusted. He left his slightly drank-from cup of hot chocolate on the ground on his way out.

Like I said, we had some really nice conversations, one in particular, which made us super happy, and we consider this generally fun and successful. But this was crazy-funny-messed-up-awesome-silly, so I thought I had to share.