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Fixing my Kubuntu 12.10 upgrade

So we use kubuntu at work to build some of our linux-based software at my new job – which is kinda awesome cuz I love working with *nix-based environments (unix, linux, bsd, mac OSX, etc) for a lot of really nerdy reasons. This is also cool because I use the big brother of the kubuntu distribution – Ubuntu – at home for all my linux PCs (my DVR server and the media PC hooked to the TV).

But one of the down sides to linux is that occasionally you get weird problems on upgrades or installs – and being that I jumped the gun ahead of our gurus in updating to the recent 12.10 update to (K)Ubuntu, I of course ran into one.

I had an issue where on login I got a bunch of error messages about my audio device being missing as well as my network interfaces, and then when I tried to run the update manager it would open and show updates, but not let me install them. When I clicked “Install” it would just sit there and spin the busy indicator and grey out the background.

Well, I chased this around for a while with no meaningful error messages to go off of, and eventually I stumbled upon what might be causing it. There are some packages that are needed for the window manager (the thing that draws the windows and the taskbar and what-not) to be able to pass messages around, and at least one – probably both of the packages I’m about to mention – seemed to have gotten out of whack somehow.

So the trick to fixing it was simple – reinstall the packages for dbus, and policykit. So in ubuntu or kubuntu hop onto the command line and type:

apt-get install --reinstall dbus
apt-get install --reinstall policykit-1

And that seemed to fix it for me. Hope if you have a similar problem that this fixes it for you without all the searching around the internet.