Roommate Woes and other random musings

So just to keep everyone up to date on our house and how it is going for next year, I want to let you know that it sux. We are currently searching desperately for roomates. We had six people on the lease. That is right….I said HAD. Currently one of our roomates who signed for next year decided he wanted to volunteer for the marines. Since he signed to ship this comming August, he wanted out of the lease. We weren’t going to let him out untill he found his replacement so we wouldn’t be left holding the difference in rent. But much to my dismay, I found out that there is a law called Soilder and Sailer Civil Relief Act that allows anyone entering active military service to get out of a lease by providing written proof that they are entering active duty. So basically we are up a creek here, and the afore mentioned person who is leaving feels like we were trying to screw him out of his chance to go to the military by making him find a roommate. So he is throwing back in our face since he found out he doesn’t need our signatures to get out of the lease by saying he’ll do things to help out find a roommate and then not doing it. And he is neglecting the things he is already susposed to do like pay people for bills and collecting the rent money from everyone. So besides just needing a roommate for next year to be able to afford to live we also have to put up with this other crap.

So we have in an effort to prepare for the future placed an add in the “New Student Edition” of the DI which is mailed to all new freshmen and all transfer students, and we also placed an add in the regular DI. Also we have started to formulate a backup plan, which revolves around finding a way to end our lease, which may mean paying a penalty. We found a few places in the paper closer to campus and cheaper then here even if we fill the house. Now I don’t want to move, it costs money to move…even if it is just a few blocks away it will cost money…and that would suck…but it would be better then paying $440 to live in the house. So anyway….we are all pissed…. and trying to deal with this crap as best we can.

But on another note…it is cool that Ibe is back around….that guy always amused me…even when he was spouting bull.

So besides this roommate stuff…things are going well around here. Church has been really good, Dirk is ordering the escaflowne box set, and people have been comming to my house to watch anime. It is all part of my little introduction to anime for people who have never seen it. But anyway, I have to bail….so untill I rant agian….I am and have been…..


Seth is getting married

So I just want to officially announce that I think Seth and Nicole are going to get married sometime in the next 5 years. I say this because the two of them really want eachother and it is completely apparent. But Seth is all…deny, deny, deny. I told him he should just go ring shopping, because it is hopeless for him to resist.

Also, I would like to say, if you are going to bother posting a comment, please do it on my site, and not livejournal, since I can’t respond to comments added in livejournal. It takes no more links, just click the link at the top of the entry, it will take you to the comment link (I believe) so you can post on my site, and add karma and whatnot. So anyway….I won’t steal Rob’s stolen catch phrase this time….I’ll just end by saying….
Thank you, and goodnight.