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Fun times with Livejournal

For those of you who migh actually read this that don’t know what LiveJournal is, it is a free community style blog site that will host free blogs for anyone who gets invited by a friend. Well that is all well and good if you are looking for something simple…but me being an internet “indy” guy would opt for the more difficult route of hosting my own blog so I can customize it at will, and integrate it into my site easily. (If I do ever finish the rest of the site) But there is a problem. My friends on livejournal have this link they can easily make called “friends” that is a page created by all the other “friends” with livejournal accounts most recent posts. Which is hella cool, cuz one click checks all the latest updates from all your friends. But here is the catch, there is no good way to just add my site to theirs….making it more difficult for the lazy to actually come here. But the good news is that there is a solution to all this. Livejournal users can add syndicated blogs and news sites to thier “friends” list. So you would think that I am set and so would my friends. But there is also a catch to this. Some features in livejournal work on a point system. And to add an unpopular feed (read my blog) you must have at least 1 point. But free accounts on LJ only have .99 points. So someone with a payed account, which start with 10 points, has to add me. Now the more that people add me the less expensive it becomes, in points, to add my site, so if someone did add me that had a point, it could quickly drop into the range of the free accounts and soon it would be very cheap cuz many of my friends could add me. So, if you read this…and have a LiveJournal account with at least an available point…..add this feed so that other people can add it to.

But with that last desperate plea, I must be off to sleep and dream of my upcomming semiconductor physics class……Thank you, and goodnight.