Site Maintance/Upgrades

More Small Stuff

I have the nested comments working again, I lost some stylistic changes I made, and I will get around to fixing those. Later today or tonight I will keep adding back in old journal entries, and hopefully catch up to the last few I made. Then the very tedious task of adding comments back in will commence….that is going to suck.

I also need to find out if I have to make any database changes for the MT 3.01, or MT3.1, but if this works after I add the entries back in, I think I’m going to wait until I’m in Minneapolis to fix this stuff, since MT 3.1 will be out then.

Anyway, cheers people, I’m going to bounce into work in a few, and then get back here and help clean the kitchen so it is ready for the bachelor party tomorrow night. BTW, if you are reading this you are pretty much invited. Just call me any time after 11 am and we’ll be doing something for bachelor party fun.