Site Maintance/Upgrades

Last Post using greymatter

All the importing of old Greymatter files into Movable Type is complete, so it is about time to kick this into gear. Also I have a default Style set up for Movable Type, and it isn’t exactly the layout I have now on the site, but I think shortly I’m going to “go live” by replacing the greymatter files (i.e. log.html, bigcat_news.rdf) in the root directory by letting movable type overwrite them. I’m going to keep my stylesheets around, and my current layout and templates within greymatter so I can use them as references while deciding if I want to keep most the layout the same or not. But at any rate, check out the new blog and all it’s majesty at this temporary location and let me know if that looks ok for a temporary solution. Also, I’m going to make the decision as to if I’m going to have my site a 3 column style with links within the site at the left (i.e. friends, stupid stuff about me, and that kind of junk), and blog related links on the left, or if I’m going to throw it all into a DHTML menu in a frame, like my beta site. Your feedback about these ideas is appreciated.

And one final thing before I wrap up my last GM post, I found an update client for MT that has spell checker built in, so that never will I misspell the word “again.”

That being said….Thank you, and goodnight.