Site Maintance/Upgrades

OK, I’m working on it

So, point number 1…..there is a link… the top of this entry as it will appear when syndicated….use it, cuz I cannot reply to the Livejournal feed, so put the comments on my site. Number 2, since I updated the site, it changed some stuff around and LJ was like all “Look….NEW STUFF!!!!!,…must add more posts” because their RSS parser is retarded and cannot see the “dc:date” tag in the feed and figure out that is when I actually posted….so it flooded your stuff with posts….they will go away and that will stop. Finally, there will be a link to the comments on my page soon, I’m working on it right now, but until then, use the link at the top of the page….it is like one extra click u lazy bastards…and it will be simpler very soon….in fact…if something I just did worked, the link will appear next time LJ grabs my feed. But I appreciate the feedback from some people already, just I would like it where it is easiest for me to get to it and manage how it is sorted in my comments. Bear with me while I’m tweaking this stuff….i’m focusing on the functionality first…and then I’ll make it look pretty, but it will be an improvement for me, and make my site easier to use.
But I need to stop fiddling with this and get back to work….Later, Ben