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Scripting upgrades complete

There is now the ability to “reply to” different comments…so it looks like the LJ comments posting system. So if anyone had some problems posting comments, it is now fixed….I should actually detail how to install the MTThreadedComments plugin with sqlite for the database system used to control MovableType. The only reason I will write this down is because it was a serious pain in the ass to learn to use a type of sql database system that hasn’t been well documented and is not completely compliant with the sql ’92 standard. If you are interested read on in the extended part of the entry.

To install the MTThreadedComments plugin using sqlite as your database system, you must first manually add two more columns and one index to the database. Now, for my example, I made my database file mtdb, so to enter the sql prompt you must type “sqlite mtdb”. When in the prompt part of the sqlite program, you must first get a list of the fields available by typing “.schema mt_comments”. Now, since there is not direct way to add “columns” in sqlite, you must create a new table, so you can do this by using the “create” command…this part is easily documented on the sqlite site. (side note here…..i just started typing the dialog to the TV show I’m watching….I hate it when I do dumb stuff like that, but it is funny none the less) Now, you must copy all the data from the original to the temporary table. You do this by using the “insert” command, also readily documented at the website for this particular use..then add indexes just like the ones in mt_comment table. Now, you “drop” the old mt_comment table, and create a new one…only this time you make all the same “columns” plus the two listed in the documentation for the plug for the adding onto MySQL databases. Then add the extra index also listed in this documentation. Now this is where I ran into a snag. I tried to do “insert mt_comment select * from backup_comment” and got something about there being only 12 fields in the backup_comment and 14 in the mt_comment. So, I tried only listing the comments I wanted to copy instead of the ” * “. So, here is the trick type “insert mt_comment (‘the first 12 fields’) select * from backup_comment;” and bodda-bing….it’s all good. So, I skipped a lot of small details….mostly about me cursing a lot at the internet for not being there for me when I really needed it….and I thought we had a relationship….*sniff*, *sniff*. But post a comment if you need more details and I’ll try to hook you up.