Life is Good

Mario Kart Madness

Well, today I did some homework, and Rob and I tag teamed some two player mario kart in the GP mode. Mainly this consisted of Rob and I racing for a while and once one of us started to get more first places then the other, then the guy in the back would start looking for the people that were closest to catching up to us in points and just waste the guy with shells, so he didn’t get second or third. This is how I tied with the very very very cheap computer player in the all course mode (where you play all 16 tracks for points) and since I was the human guy, I took gold. This completed the last thing we had to do in Mario Kart to unlock anything. We unlocked the parade cart, which is this gold cart that anyone can use no matter how big or small they are. It is an OK cart, but I’m still loving the small toad cart or the paratrooper cart. So tonight really quick before I went to bed I went through time trials (Rob had been playing time trials which is what motivated me to do this) and promptly pounded all the hardest course times that Rob and Dirk had been setting. I think I beat the best time in Rainbow Road that Dirk had by more then ten seconds. I knew I was having a good run when every time I completed a lap I had set the best lap time. That was probably my best Rainbow Road run in any mode to date.

All in all, I don’t really like some of the ways they simplified the driving in this game. The power-slides don’t spin out, so you don’t have to be careful about how long you are sliding, and the boosts are short and don’t help you beat the computer that much when it is cheating by going faster then it should be able to. Also, stopping red shells isn’t a science or an art. I saw Rob drop a box right on a red shell and it didn’t stop it. I don’t know what was wrong with that, but it looked like it went right through the box he set down. I may actually stop writing about Mario Kart some time soon, but seeing as how it is one of the more enjoyable distractions from my otherwise depressing thoughts at the moment, I think I will continue to write about it until I have something better to write about….or maybe I’ll spend a little time working on the wedding page, and then I will have something good to talk about. Anyway, I’m tired…I’m going to bed now.

Thank you, and Goodnight.