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Amusing things

OK, so as many of you know, I personally know the guy who started the New Horizon Methodist Church in Champaign, and I was just looking at websites of some of the local Methodist churches because I was looking for the Faith United Methodist website, and I ran across the website for new horizon. Now a few amusing things struck me, that are probably only funny to me, but I thought I would write about them anyway. First off, the website reminded me of a simplified version of an older Saddleback website, and second is that Roger is currently doing the 40 days of purpose that Rick Warren did right after he finished writing “Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?”. So I was sort of amused by this, just because the kind of church this was aimed at being when they started was something very similar to Saddleback in my estimation. It is a great church that is filling a void in the community and doing things that the Methodist Church needs to do in order to grow and continue fulfilling peoples spiritual needs, so don’t think I’m bashing this place. I actually know two of their pastors personally and I think they are great guys, but the striking resemblance in mission statement to the Vineyards as well as Saddlebacks amused me greatly.

Anyway, Rock on with this ministry, because this is a great church and more people need exposure to Rick Warrens Purpose Driven material because it exposes simple but important points that the modern church needs to realize. The first purpose driven book, “Purpose Driven Church” is something that a lot of really important people have been influenced by, and a lot of churches have seen substantial growth after implementing some of the things he addresses in that book. I can’t wait to read my copy of “Purpose Driven Life” (which he wrote while I was attending that church in California), but I have to finish like 2 other large books before I can really sink my teeth into that book.

So that was my pre-bed time amusement….I just thought I would share.