So, my awesomeness has been validated by more then just my fiance…that is always good. Also, my mind bullet ability is now confirmed….beware my power….beware.

I figure that maybe if I can get the mind bullet powers a little more refined I could be a one man wrecking machine on the team searching for Bin Laden.

Anyway, in summary….
Awesome, and mind bullets.

  1. “….beware my power….beware” Is it us that should beware your power or were you telling your power to beware???

  2. number 1…you have only had “slightly awesome” or “the limit as x approaches awesome” confirmed. neither of these are awesome in themselves.

    furthermore, this was confirmed by ROB who “confirmed” your mind bullets and pseudo-awesomeness in exchange for acknowledgement of his claims of “infinite glory”.

    I’ve seen no evidence for any of these things, and will continue denying such claims until proof is demonstrated…and even then, I will simply fail to reject the null hypothesis, that you are all, quite simply, insane.

  3. If I’m the one who gets to define the awesome function….(i.e. my fourier series) then I declare that the limit of x as x approaches awesome is aweseome * infinity. So there….now, bow to my awesomeness….because it is so freaking awesome.

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