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MythTV project – Update 2

I received the Kworld 115 Tuner on Tuesday. I tried to use this guide on mythTV’s wiki, but that alone didn’t give me everything I needed. Instead, if you follow my path and buy this card and run ubuntu, start here and follow the first 4 steps (ignore the modprobe step) for the ATI HDTV card.

So, I had to reboot, since I’m an idiot at getting linux to reload kernel modules properly. This then yielded lots of weird dmesg errors about readbyte and i2c or something when trying to load the nxt200x firmware.

But the analog signal part of the card worked…so it was at least part way there.

I somewhat figured out that it was a permissions issue. So I went to where the card is located.
/dev/dvb and it was adapter0

and I used the ‘chmod -R 777 adapter0’ command
and then rebooted.

This seemed to fix this error.

Now, I’m having trouble with signal strength, and getting it to lock on any one channel.

A while ago Barney pointed me to AntennaWeb which is a great start for getting antenna orientations down. But, today I found TV Fool, which is much better because it actually lists the real channels for the UHF signals that local stations use (instead of the 2_1 fake names). And it gives much more detail, which I need. See the image it created for me with all this information here. It is pretty freaking detailed….Electrical Engineers like these kinds of details.

Right now, I’m trying to play with antennas. This weekend I’ll probably build my own using these plans or some variation.

And, I’m trying to get a worked up channels list in the format that some video players use, called “channel.conf”.

I have yet to get the scripts to work that are supposed to make them for me. there is one called that supposedly will do it, but for some reason I’m getting a “stationXML” variable something something error that I didn’t have time to look into deeply this morning.

My plan is to get this channel.conf file all set up for the local stations, and then try to turn on the TV software, and use the visual cue’s instead of the “lock / not locked” cues to aim the antenna. No one seems to have a good signal strength program that I can set to a single frequency and then just leave it there until I get the antenna aimed. And, since I don’t have the antenna aimed I’m getting no signals on any HD channels.

My hope is that this is an antenna problem, and not a hardware problem, but we shall see, and I will keep everyone updated.