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MythTV project – Update 3

New Antenna is completely built, and working. I had to buy nothing, I had everything in the house that I needed to complete the design from the lumen labs forums that I linked to earlier.

The Pentium 3, 1GHz even with the GeForce 6200 isn’t exactly down with decoding the HDTV stream and displaying it well on the LCD monitor. I’m wondering if it will do better when it isn’t downsampling (the LCD is at 1024 x 768, and 720p is somewhere around 1398 x 720). I have the XvMC set up correctly as best as I can tell from the guides, and it looked a little better after it was enabled, but still it isn’t holding up all that great.

Also, I’m wondering if upping the RAM from 384 to 512 would work better.

But anyway, the cool part is that it is working, and it is doing what it should. I think next for antenna purposes I will either build a better version of the antenna I built and put it in the attic or on the roof, or just keep moving it around inside the house until I get a really good spot.

So, until we get the new receiver or the HDTV this project is pretty much done.