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David’s Wedding

Tuesday after work Lauren and I headed to Dirk and Val’s house, where we got in late, crashed, and got up around 7am. I wished Dirk a happy birthday (Wednesday was his B-Day you forgetful bastards), and got rolling down to the parents house around 9am.

The next few days were a lot of work to help get things ready, and I didn’t sleep as much as I would have liked, but in the end it was a pretty darned good trip home. I’ll sum up some of the highlights.

1. David and Krysta got married – this is the most important part
2. I got to make David and his best man very uncomfortable for most of the picture taking – this amused me
3. Aaron successfully defended his masters thesis, and is now finishing up the final revisions.
4. I got to see my extended family for the first time in a couple of years
5. I saw transformers again….it still rocked
6. I looked sexy in my Tux
7. I listened to a lot of a podcast on the Byzantine rulers in the car
8. I got to talk a lot with Lauren about where we want to go and what we want to do with the near-term aspects of our life. This is a good conversation to have from time to time and we haven’t had as much time to lay it all out in light of the several big things that have happened. It was nice to lay everything out on the table that was going on and step back and look at it all together.
9. My ex-Vineyard pastor cousin prayed for me – which is the first time I think I’ve prayed like that with any of my extended family. I was both touched by the sentiment and encouraged by the prayer.
10. Aaron and I did up the car really well and didn’t get in trouble – does this mean I’m growing up?
11. I chastised Walmart, the republican party, and SUV’s and my parents didn’t throw anything at me (Aaron almost did)
12. Aaron didn’t yell at Lauren once (that I’m aware of), and only yelled at me a little. I think maybe our relationship is improving.

Other than that I drove through the worst storm I’ve ever driven in on the way home. It was like someone was taking 10 gallon fish tanks of water and throwing them at my car every other second. But I came through it with some white-knuckling no worse for wear.

And, now I’m finishing up lunch back at work, surprised to see how much things did not pile up while I was gone. I’m already caught up on most of my emails 🙂