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New Years Plans Anyone?

So, Lauren and I, for the first time since moving to MN, have enough time to go visit my parents and then go somewhere for new years that is not in the direct path between St. Louis and Minneapolis.

This ‘somewhere’ could be in St. Louis, Chambana, Peoria, Springfield, somewhere in the Chicago area, the quad cities, or in the vicinity of Minneapolis (not our preference since we live here).

This is what I need to know from all you my friends who still read my blog.

1. What are you doing / Where are you going?
2. Can I do it with you / Can I come?
3. Can Lauren do it with us / Can Lauren come?
4. Do you know somewhere we can sleep in the area near where you are going / what you are doing?

Things I already know:
Alex is having a party
Greg and Julie usually have a party (are you this year, I’m lame and have been working too much to keep up with most blogs)
I have never seen the new church building in Champaign…so I will probably stop by one way or another.
Dirk is probably going to be at home, or somewhere near family…not in Champaign or near Chicago. 🙁

Dink: Where are you gonna be now that you are recently relieved of your job?