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Some thoughts from someone with more experience than me in church Tech

My brother wrote me yesterday and point out to me this upcoming conference on worship facilities. They are going to be doing a fair amount of talking about Energy Star compliance for congregations, as well as doing a fair amount of technology and team-building seminars. Also, my brother went to the last one in Atlanta and said it was great to go to the expo as well as the conference because at the expo a lot of vendors are there doing product training and demonstrations. And it is always good to find out the new innovative ideas being displayed.

Anyway, more information here:

If you are interested let me know. My Aunt and Uncle, as well as a lot of my cousins live in and around Indianapolis, so I can most likely score lodging for free, and I’m working out a way to get some discounted group rates with my brother (and possibly my Dad and his tech guy, so we only need 2 more for the 6 person discount).

One of the speakers is Anthony Coppedge who I’ve stumbled upon many times on the internet while researching church technology. One of the things I read by him is a pdf about Modern Philosophy of Media in Church that pretty well sums up some of the basic framework I use for approaching technology as a media distribution platform and a team-building opportunity. I especially like the things he talks about surrounding what a media team should be and look like, and borrowed some of that when I was training people on sound and computer stuff.

Very interesting guy, lots of experience in church technology consulting, and a pretty good read if you are at all interested in doing church technology more effectively (both as a tech person or as a pastor/leader type).

Again, conference worth checking out I think, let me know if you want to go because I will try to get passes and book flights with group discounts.