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Warming up to Obama

Ron Paul has all but said he was out, so I’m on the hunt for my new candidate.

I liked McCain in 2000, and wished he was our President for the last 8 years, but I’m not sure he is the right guy for the next 8 years.

Hillary has very few positives with me. She seems to flip-flop to the crowd quite a bit, she has had damn near 20 years in Washington considering she was the most politically active first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt, and hasn’t “changed” things all that much, so I’m skeptical as to how that would be somehow drastically improved as her being president.

Obama is pretty inexperienced in foreign policy, but seems to be grabbing more and more of my attention.

Particularly after seeing this from 2006, at some Sojourners event. I’ve never heard a politician speak for 40 minutes (particularly on the subject of faith and politics) where I didn’t strongly disagree with at least one main point…until I heard this speech.
Video (40 Minutes)
MP3 / podcast

So, anyway, food for thought I figured was worth sharing. I’d be interested in hearing your reaction to this speech.