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This Weeks Twitter Updates – 2010-01-17

  • Thinking about building a new antenna or two today – trying to decide which version to build. #
  • As a man who made fun of many vikings fans during the Tice era I can say with certainty that this is a REALLY bad idea. #
  • – A great, short, "What is Google Wave" FAQ from lifehacker/smarterware. Read this if the idea of wave confuses you. #
  • The Bible Experience = best audio Bible ever. Lavar Burton and Samuel L Jackson, how can you go wrong. #
  • Reboot of spiderman…really? Could you at least wait until some assclown makes everything neon or ten years – whichever comes first? #
  • We're at about the 40 minute mark now – this is stupid. I hate iTunes. If the iPhone didn't rock so hard I would never use it again. #
  • Why is it that iTunes takes 18 years to sync my iPhone still – this + google sync is why I frequently 'forget' to do it. Stupid iTunes! #

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