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This Weeks Twitter Updates – 2010-01-24

  • Team Jake – Edward is king of the pale Emo whiny dorks – definitely team Jake #
  • I love the Riverview – great atmosphere and 2 tickets cost less than 1 @ a mega-plex. Sparkly vampires & shirtless warewolves for date nite. #
  • Pricing out parts to do a server upgrade. Thinking AMD w/ integrated GFX to stay on the cheap. #
  • HTML5 Video would be totally rad if they could just nail down a way to handle licensing as well as be forward facing for future codecs. #
  • OH NO! The Office is having a flash-back episode! Is this the beginning of the end? #
  • Would someone please explain why it takes more than 51 votes to pass a health-care bill. Cuz this process has been a little ridiculous. #
  • Contemplating a network architecture overhaul – anyone know of a good place to get a cheap used server that is 2 to 3 years old? #
  • I think there may be hardware issues – MythTV showing a 93% signal and still getting artifacts and stutters – tuner card, CPU, or HD? #
  • Apple Event followed by State of the Union address – coincidence? I think NOT! #
  • Thus far the two channels I most want to record get the weakest signal from this antenna. Time to reconnect old antenna and compare. #
  • Ben-tenna 2.0 completed – Now it is time to test it and see how it works indoors on the TV before moving it to the mythTV backend. #

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