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This Weeks Twitter Updates – 2010-02-14

  • This is a really fun defense of the paper letter snail-mailed to people #
  • Ever think back about what u have done or said & say to urself 'that was really immature.' Yeah, I'm in a church-planting lecture right now. #
  • Why can't media players and phones have a standard for syncing media – I hate iTunes and Android has no companion sync'ing software. #
  • RT @simpsonian Married Men Discussion Forum meeting 2/20. Super excited! Sign up for the activity group at #
  • My dog has decided to start chewing the bark off of the bottom of one of the trees in the yard. #
  • Anyone? RT @jenhiccups: House showing 2 of 3 complete for the day. Anyone know someone looking for a St. Paul home to rent? #
  • Google keeps releasing awesome products, which are not supported by native iPhone apps. This move me closer to buying an android phone. #
  • This fiber-based 1Gbps to-the-home network Google is starting is a shot-across the bow of big ISPs and I like it. #
  • This could be a big deal – Could they run fiber to my house please! #
  • Just got the new facebook layout – don't hate it, but the newsfeed is still garbage – maybe they will some day get rid of it for good. #
  • Google Buzz is a step towards my vision of a unified msg center – now give me my txt msgs, voicemail, and waves all in there too. #
  • Google Buzz is very interesting – like Greader and facebook statuses in my gmail. #
  • I dig it – definitely pleased with the outcome. #
  • Anyone doing something for the superbowl? I got no plans right bow and haven't heard much going on party-wise & that makes me sad. #

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