This Weeks Twitter Updates – 2011-03-20

  • Sermons done, 45 min nap, then preaching class. Oi, looking forward to a long afternoon nap. #
  • This was my favorite demo from tonight – great local company doing some cool stuff w/ coupon/ads/craigslist. #
  • When we sell tools to Japan, and they want to have a UPS backup – this exact issue makes my life hell. #
  • Coder web nerds, this plugin for Chrome is pretty hot. #
  • HTML5 + GTK 3.2 FTW! This is the future of many many apps peoples. #
  • Bummer! We didn't have enough time to demo the android version of the app tonight at mobile 3d. #mobile3d I'll do some screenshots later. #
  • The new android market stats for developers is pretty sweet. My app has been downloaded a bunch in the EU, and parts of Asia. #
  • I've decided to start referring to my time spent w/ my RSS feed as 'reading my stories.' As this amuses me more, and is accurate. #
  • Veeco is hiring a systems engineer and a marketing director. DM me for more info if that sounds interesting to you. #
  • Todays number is 16. #
  • Why does teh allen bradley website look better than the Rockwell automation one? Weird stuff. #
  • WiFi-only Xoom headed to Staples for March 27th release? – so my tablet adventures begin. #

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