This Weeks Twitter Updates – 2011-03-27

  • Latitude 6420 is available for purchase on dell's website – looks like it is finally time for my upgrade! Quad core? YES PLZ! #winning #
  • Ordered my screen protector for the xoom – now all I have to do is find the best deal on sunday for the actual device. Come on Sam's club! #
  • There are days when I really wonder why I chose to work for a capital equipment OEM. Phone calls in the middle of dinner & at 3 AM suck. #
  • I REALLY hope that the amazon app store install method gets AT&T to drop their absolutely insane policy of blocking non-android-market apps. #
  • Can I be the first person I know to come out and say that I don't like the new Chrome logo as well as the last one. Just seems meh. #
  • Penny Arcade amuses me sometimes – today is one of those times. #
  • 2nd car is paid for – slowly eliminating debt wherever possible and loving it. #
  • Whatever happened to the GoogleTV SDK? Wasn't it supposed to be out already? #android #googleTV #
  • Dear Samsung (& other Android OEMs), your 'improvements/skins' are stupid. We prefer quick updates. Please stop. Love, All Android users. #
  • WhoozNear is on the android marketplace – – Try it out and let me know what you think (but don't tweet me bug reports). #
  • Receivd is awesome real-time filesharing for family and friends #
  • Thinking about renting a roller rink for my 30th b-day. Who would come to that on a saturday afternoon? #
  • Small Group Birthday Oreo cake. Small group is awesome. #
  • Motorola Xoom, to preorder w/ Amazon prime for no-tax – or hold out hope for the ridiculously low $540 w/ cover rumor for sam's club. #
  • RT @RobGlaser "Wow! AT&T Is Acquiring T-Mobile For $39 Billion via @techcrunch" This will be bad for android IMO. #
  • Sometimes spreadsheets are fun 😉 #

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