This Weeks Twitter Updates – 2012-02-05

  • Oddly I find myself without plans for the game tomorrow. Who's doing something that they want us to attend? #
  • Here is a preview image from the class @northerndiver1, @hopelark, & I are teaching on Saturday. It's gonna be awesome. #
  • It is great when stuff works the first time you set it up. Feeling good – needed a win today. #
  • If I could pick my own title at work it would be Chief Skunk-works Architect. I would rock at that and probably make the company more money. #
  • The best part of Raising Hope tonight is the My Name is Earl crossover. #
  • Open source is like Improve – Say "Yes and…" I need to remember to think this way more often. #
  • I want to curl up in a ball and lie on the floor rocking back and forth. Someday I'll have a job I like. #

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