This Weeks Twitter Updates – 2012-08-12

  • Wes Stafford introducing a modern abolitionist and best selling author of "Half the Sky", Sheryl WuDunn. Awesome! #wcagls #
  • Amazing time at #wcagls Only 3 speakers in, and each one has challenged me in a way that will change my approach to my job and ministry. #
  • Super pumped to be at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. This is pretty great, and it is just starting. #wcagls #
  • Alice has entered the twin cities. If you wish to experience the awesome that is Alice you should get in touch with Lauren for the agenda. #
  • Had a great night last night catching up with some old college friends, Greg & Julie. I introduced them to the best ice cream ever, Izzy's. #
  • It is that rare week of the year, where despite being in beautiful MN, I wish I could afford to be in Boston at the Blue Ocean Summit. #

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