This Weeks Twitter Updates – 2012-09-02

  • This is a pretty great mashup of Gangstas Paradise and Awesome God by DJ TopCat. #
  • Why do people keep voting for Cyrex? He is a great guy, and a crappy dancer in comparison to everyone else on the show. #sytycd #
  • Doing some python tutorials, and decided it is my favorite language because it uses 'j' to represent complex numbers. EE notation REPRESENT! #
  • I'm not going to miss using SAP even a little at my new job. #SAPsucks #
  • "Will these great minds be spurred to action?" – Loved this video at #wcagls glad to see it online now. #
  • Besides buying my wife's book (as mentioned in my last tweet), you should register for my friends early beta product #
  • Here is a glowing, and I feel accurate, review of my my wife's book. Check it out: #
  • Google+ peeps already hear – but I'm about to leave Veeco for a position as a Software Engineer at Trane. Party info – #

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