This Weeks Twitter Updates – 2012-09-30

  • Finally finished reading my wife's book, & I LOVED IT. If you haven't read it, what are you waiting for. for more info. #
  • Wisdom for the day. Do not carry a 17lb baby for a lap and a half around the mall of America. #backOuch #
  • Got my Series 3 @Android figures from @deadzebra today! And I randomly got 2 pretty sweet ones (you don't get to pick). #
  • Got tapped in for an afternoon with the kid cuz the wife is sick. Awesome and not awesome all at once. #
  • OK, so I've decided I actually like SVN better than CVS… but this is like saying I like walking better than falling. #GitEqualsRunning #
  • Win a Nexus 7 16GB tablet from @NVIDIATegra and @droid_life. Details here – #android #contest #raw #
  • First time buying specialty android mini-figures. I didn't know I didn't get to pick the one I wanted. Fingers x'd @deadzebra #

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