Want! http://t.co/NZNrW5D8 # Ran into a former co-worker from Veeco when getting coffee today. It is nice to have serendipitous opportunities working close-by. # That was super awesome and super sad. #FarewellPonds #DoctorWho # Powered by Twitter Tools

Finally finished reading my wife's book, & I LOVED IT. If you haven't read it, what are you waiting for. http://t.co/0AskpNYi for more info. # Wisdom for the day. Do not carry a 17lb baby for a lap and a half around the mall of America. #backOuch # Got my Series 3 @Android figures from Read More →

My amazing wife may have nailed down our refinance which will drop our interest rate by over 2 points, and our monthly payment by >$300! # Ok, so I know I'm late to the game here, but Synergy is awesome if you have two computers and a bunch of monitors. http://t.co/ZqhZKr9W # This Precision laptop Read More →

Farewell Veeco. Thanks for a fantastic 6 years. It's been fun. # 20th aniv of grandpa's death. Seemed appropriate to read his poetry about endings & longing for more depth of spirit on my last day @ veeco. # http://t.co/Pc4AZSb4 A philosopher who likes the best of religion, but doesn’t believe in God. So he's Read More →

Someday I'm going to buy a bottle of scotch out of one of those locked cases at the liquor store. # America I hate you #sytycd Thanks for sending home the best male dancer of the season in favor of a one trick pony. You suck so hard. # Powered by Twitter Tools

This is a pretty great mashup of Gangstas Paradise and Awesome God by DJ TopCat. http://t.co/HvgrCSHg # Why do people keep voting for Cyrex? He is a great guy, and a crappy dancer in comparison to everyone else on the show. #sytycd # Doing some python tutorials, and decided it is my favorite language because Read More →

Wes Stafford introducing a modern abolitionist and best selling author of "Half the Sky", Sheryl WuDunn. Awesome! #wcagls # Amazing time at #wcagls Only 3 speakers in, and each one has challenged me in a way that will change my approach to my job and ministry. # Super pumped to be at the Willow Creek Read More →

My Muni-wifi node is down – ugh! At least I can connect to the one a block or so away – albeit much slower than normal. 🙁 # And just like that, my Motorola Xoom is updating to Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean). This is why I buy 'nexus' and Google experience devices. # !BOOM! #openingceremonies Read More →